Fulcrum Red Metal 29

Here are some images of the Fulcrum Red Metal 29 XLR wheel that we saw at Frostbike this past weekend. You can see from this angle that the rim well is not drilled. Yep! Tubeless compatibility.

Fulcrum Red Metal 29 front wheel proto

Here’s a shot of the front wheel to match the rear. These are prototypes and the only ones in existence at the moment. Obviously they will recieve the full on Fulcrum graphic treatment before their official release. This set is one of two models that will become available later this year. This is the “XLR” model, the higher end of the two to be offered. It will feature milled out sections between the spokes on the rim, and flattened, aero-like stainless steel spokes. The hubs have high quality cartridge sealed bearings and they have 28 spokes front and rear. The projected weight for the production sets is 1850 grams. We threw the proto set on a nearby digital scale and it weighed 1850 grams on the nose with valve stems installed.

The second model will be the “Red Metal 29 SL” and will not feature the milled out sections or the tubeless compatible rim well. Traditional round spokes will be used with the same spoke count. This wheel set is projected to weigh between 2200 and 2300 grams. It will feature hubs with sealed cartridge bearings and will be significantly less expensive than the XLR. No retail prices had been set as of this posting though.

Fulcrum Red Metal graphics

Red Metal SL graphic

Here is how the two models should appear when they are released. Twenty Nine Inches will follow up with more info as it becomes available.