step cast cut 9

Fox unwrapped the latest XC weapon in the front fork wars, the Fox 32 SC. With a possible weight under 3lbs, that is pretty impressive.  29er versions of course, and while I have read that you can get it with two different fork offsets (did not see that on the Fox website), I imagine the lesser of the two offsets will be the typical choice.  There is a new damper too.  It’s a pretty slick casting, with the material removed at the fork leg ends.  Slick.

Its not cheap, but it’s light and you can get it in orange which is always faster.

A few screen cuts from the press release.

Step Cast Cut 1 Step Cast Cut 2 Step Cast Cut 3 Step Cast Cut 4 Step Cast Cut 5 Step Cast Cut 6 Step Cast Cut 7 Step Cast Cut 8