DSC06349After we got the OOB for the 2015 Breezer Supercell Team bike out of the way, it was time to get some pedals on there and go riding.  It took me a couple of times to get the rear suspension adjusted right.  I think at first I had too little air in there and it felt a bit squatty on trail.  After speaking with the folks at Breezer Bikes and seeing how they run their personal Supercells, I bumped it up to 15psi below body weight and that is where it is for now.  That let the bike sit higher in its travel and did not take much at all away from any bump response.

Right away I felt at home on the bike as far as the way it handled on single track and just in general.  Sometimes you can get on a brand new bike and immediately ride it with confidence and control and that was how the Supercell worked for me.  I do notice the forward seated position due to that steep 74.5° seat tube angle and the longish 110mm stem but they make it easy to jump up out of the saddle to a standing/pedaling position.  That also works out well when climbing steep sections of trail as it keeps you more over the front wheel.  The XL does not feel all that big to me and at 6’2″ and with a 34″ inseam, I am happy with it as it came out of the box, although I need to drop the handlebar position just a tad.  I would swear that this bike has a high BB, but the charts say otherwise.  I need to measure this and see why it feels tall when I go to get on the bike.

MLink is an interesting deal.  I find myself staring at that mid-chainstay pivot point and thinking “whaaaa?”.  It must be like math or something, to understand what all that is doing, and we all know that math is hard.  But slide rules aside, we ride these things, do we not?  So riding MLink has been pretty good.  It has some nuanced quirks that I am still figuring out so more on that later.  But overall, it joins the rest of the new crop of FS 29ers that pedal really, really well, even with no platform selected on the rear shock.   Neutral is the word.  I am thinking the overall vibe of the Breezer Supercell Team is not really a plush, ‘soak it all up’ feel, but rather more XC and slightly firm overall.  I am finding that I am running the Fox fork open nearly all the time just to match the MLink.


I like that they spec’d a 51mm offset front fork.  With the moderate 70° head tube angle and equally moderate 449mm/17.7″ chain stays, the end result feels great so far.  When I think back on all the 29ers that have had increased offset to the fork, typically a 51mm setting, those have been the better handling bikes, feeling peppy and agile at slow speeds (Note:  all of them have had less than the typical 71° HT angle however…more like 70° – 68.5°)

Now, it is not all roses.  The weight of the Breezer Supercell Team is not really felt until you turn uphill or jump up on a rise in the trail and then it just does not respond like you would expect from such a good pedaling bike.  Climbing steep and lengthy hills will find you grabbing gears and spinning.  A pity really, and it dims what could be a very fun bike. I suspect that the weight is being carried in the frame, some of that brought on by the needs of the suspension design.  Speaking to Breezer, they expect to be further refining this chassis and trimming some ounces out of there that are not being used.  That said, my impression is of a stiff frame, although I have not pushed it real hard yet, so that beef is buying something.

In any case, sitting and spinning along a smooth uphill grade is pleasant enough, and running the rear shock in open mode does not really hurt you at all in that situation.  I do find that I flip it into Pro Pedal just to settle the ‘rise and fall’ a bit.  There seems to be a fair amount of anti-squat built in the suspension and that tends to keep it riding high in the rear travel when you are on the power and climbing.  I also have noticed that the MLink seems to stay active during braking.

We are just getting to know the Breezer Supercell Team, so hang in there as we get out of ‘Storm Watch 2014’ and get out on some bigger rides.  Much more to come.

Note: Breezer Bikes sent over the Supercell Team for test and review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. We are not being bribed nor paid for this review and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.