We get some cool “fan photos” e-mailed to us now and then, but this experimental elevated chain stay 29″er is just too interesting to keep under wraps. So, after getting owner approval, we are bringing it to you readers to show some radical ideas at work here.


This is reader “AW”‘s custom rig #1. (Number 2 with refinements is already in the works!) AW sent in his e-mail to us that the following were his goals for this unusual rig.

1- Short chain stays
2- Loads of mud clearance
3- Single speed/hub geared or normal geared capabilities

The chain stays are a super-short 410mm in length. Head angle is 71*, and the virtual seat angle is 73*, but AW tells us that the fork used here is “30mm too short”, so with his preferred fork length the angles would be slacker. The bottom bracket height on this is 300mm as it sits. AW tells us that the Continental Mountain King has 10mm of clearance between it and any part of the frame.

So “goal” number one and number two are met, but what about #3?

dropout 1
AW designed the drop out with a three bolt configuration and claims it has 20mm of adjustment with the single speed/belt drive set up. Of course, internally geared hubs could also be accommodated with this drop out. AW says that the derailleur hanger drop out simply bolts on with no provisions for adjustment.

AW says the frame is “a bit heavy” and the bottom bracket stiffness is not to his liking, so another prototype is already in the works. This one served to test his ideas for himself, and was manufactured in China.

Comments? Suggestions? (As far as we know, this is a personal project for AW, and no mass sales of this bike were indicated to us, nor implied)