EUROBIKE 2013 has started!!!- by c_g


Eurobike Demo day 2012.

The world ´s biggest bike trade show EUROBIKE has opened its doors and is giving away all the well (or not so well kept … or in fact often already communicated ;)) 2013 bike product news.


Bikes were sparse at the booths due to excellent weather at the demo.

As always the show started out with one day of demoing in the nearby town of Argenbühle, with the actual trade show starting today Aug. 29th. I was there for Demo Day doing some riding, talking to industry folks, and chatting with riders. Also, new bike specifications and new features might be showcased through expertly-crafted trade show exhibits installed at multiple points in the hall area.

One thing has become clear – 29″er have officially become mainstream here in Germany, and most of Europe (with 27.5″already waiting on the doorstep ;). While last year the signs were all on green for a overwhelming interest in BIG Wheelers, this year they were more or less dominating the booths. Speaking of dominating – it was actually the absence of bikes that had been dominating the scene mostly, with sunny skies and nice good riding conditions the demo site had been flooded with riders wanting to take out all those new goodies and so it had been a huge struggle to get rigs to ride. Even more so than last year. Anyhow, I still managed to throw a leg over a few bikes which I will report on later.

First, here are some images of bikes ridden, seen or inspected by us .. to get your mouth watering and your minds wondering .

eurobike, Simplon Cirex,

The SIMPLON CIREX demoed – a new 2013 XC/Marathon race bike

BMC, eurobike, fs02

The BMC Fourstroke FS02 with a more colorful finish than shown at the release

eurobike, canyon nerve

The all new 100 mm CANYON AL NERVE XC 29

Chiru Pulse, eurobike

The CHIRU Pulse hard tail – a bike specifically desigend to excell at endurance

eurobike, felt edict 9

FELT Edict Nine LTD – Which we will hear more about in the coming weeks

Lapierre XR, eurobike

LAPIERRE XR 29 (in a cool black version)

nicolai, eurobike

The 2013 version of the NICOLAI Helius AC 29


American Classic, eurobike

New design for the AMERICAN CLASSIC Race wheels

More tomorrow as we enter the show and get into the product managers ´ and engineers ´ heads to quench all those details and concepts you are so eagerly waiting for.