Eurobike 2013 โ€“ Tire/Wheel News: by c_g

Editor’s Note: This report didn’t make it out before Interbike, and we waited to see if we would have anything to add to it from Interbike, but c_g was just too thorough! ๐Ÿ˜‰

On we go with the news from Eurobike, this time with somethings concerning what you roll on:

On SCHWALBE we have already covered the big tire news with the Magic Mary enduro tire (in a Super gravity and a SnakeSkin version coming โ€“here) and on the ultralight and fast rolling Thunder Burt 2.0 XC-racing tire (here) and even have reviewed the Thunder Burt already (here).

At Eurobike we learned, that SCHWALBE will be adding several 29โ€œer version to their existing treads, such as a Thunder Burt 2.0 with SnakeSkin sidewall protection and one with Race Guard puncture protection, new SnakeSkin versions of Racing Ralph and Rocket Ron, and for the first time bring a mud specific 29″er tire in form of the Dirty Dan 2.0 EVO, which is claimed at 520 g in Pace Star compound and 127 TPI casing). Unfortunately no Thunder Burt in 2.2โ€œ volume and no Rock Razor 29โ€œer yet … but we will keep on asking until we get them :).

Already shown during the Demo day coverage is CONTINETAL’s ultimate racing tire โ€“ the Speed King. I am challenged to address the fish-scale like tread as โ€žknobsโ€œ, but on very dry and firm XC courses it may well be a super fast tire โ€“ not sure how much of a MTB tire it is though. At a claimed 440 g at a true 2.2โ€œ width it sure is a light tire, too.

Next CONTI has introduced the other extreme โ€“ the mud specific Mud King 1.8. Due to the small volume it received a Protection treatment (more casing layers, tubeless ready and Black Chili Compound) to keep flats away and provide massive grip on anything wet and slippery. We already have a set for test, which we will be reviewing in the soon to start fall.

HUTCHINSON โ€“ the French tire manufacturer invited us to a press conference where we got to know their staff and have been introduced to the newest addition to their line โ€“ the XC/trail tire Taipan

. This multi conditions tires with the distinct widely spaced tread design is said to combine great self cleaning properties (no doubt by the looks) with very low rolling resistance (this will need some proof and depends greatly on the compound). In 29โ€œ it will come in only one XC oriented version (2.1โ€œ width and a high performance 127TPI folding version) โ€“ for now, that is as the other versions will follow to cover the full range from XC racing to full on All-Mountain riding.

On the hardcore enduro riding side the Squale has seen an updated tread design and a super grippy negative tread base. It will come in 29×2.3โ€œ in a standard Hardskin version (reinforced sidewalls) at a very low claimed weight of only 700g. Other news by HUTCHINSON is that they will be expanding the 29โ€œ range by a Black Mamba 2.2 (super low tread XC racing, Julien Absolon’s Olympic tire, formerly only 2.0โ€œ). HUTCHINSON’s 29โ€œer offerings of the Python, Toro and Cougar remain unchanged.

Former US and now Swiss tire manufacturer ONZA have also expanded their range in to the all-mountain segment by adding the Ibex 2.4โ€œ in 29โ€œer format. With its mixture of square shaped and paddle like central knobs and the aggressive side knobs it is said to be a very aggressive all-mountain Enduro tread for multiple conditions. As usual with ONZA’s high end offering, they will be tubeless ready and featuring a dual compound with choices between either a 60 TPI or a120 TPI folding casing with. Claimed weights are 960 or 880 g respectively.

Due to large request you will also be able to purchase a retro looking skinwall version of the Canis (non tubeless ready). The other 29″er tires Canis 2.25 and Lynx 2.25 reain unchanged for 2014.

Not strictly on the tire only side of things is the what MAVIC has to offer for the big wheelers:

They are not only bringing the (HUTCHINSON made) Roam tire design as a separate item, (first introduced as a rear specific tire of the 27.5โ€œ Crossmaxx Enduro wheel/tire system), but include it into an entire wheels/tire system, the Crossroc WTS. Furthermore there will be several other 29″er wheels available by MAVIC, an updated Crossride and an entry level Crossone (Look for a test coming from Grannygear on this combination soon).

Another Eurobike news has been that HUTCHINSON and MAVIC announced their future cooperation. I appreciate that tire and wheel manufacturers get together to create the best possible interface for tubeless applications, taking out the compatibility guesswork when going tubeless.

I acknowledge they are niche but I still love them โ€“tubular tires:

We have had the privilege to ride the review last year’s additions by Czech manufacturer TUFOโ€“ the all-arround training tire XC5 2.0โ€œ (here) and most recently the XC4 2.2โ€œ (full review on TNI-DE, summary on the US site coming soon). For 2014 there will be yet another high volume dry conditions tire, the XC6 2.2 either with standard sidewalls or a specific reflective sidewall protection glued to the sides.
So much from the tire side of Eurobike news