So the tubeless revolution is starting to really take a hold of the 29″er movement and questions come up all the time about sealant. Which sealant is best? What sealant do you use? Well, I have used several sealants and I am quite smitten with this Caffelatex stuff so far. Here’s what I have been up to with it and how it has performed in various applications.

Caffelatex has gone into all of my latest tubeless tire testings.

Tubeless Tires: The obvious application here. I have injected the Caffelatex sealant with their handy little injector unit into several tubeless tires of late. The sealant seems to keep the casings air tight, and I have had no issues with it drying up so far at all. One of the benefits that Effetto Mariposa makes about this product is that it foams up inside the tire, allowing the sealant to protect sidewalls more effectively than other sealants might. Does it work? Well, while I have not gotten my X-ray vision glasses to work since I was a kid, (Can I get my money back?), I can not say with authority that Caffelatex is foaming up inside my tires. I can tell you that in every tire that has Caffelatex in it, when I adjust air pressure, and the valve stem is at its highest position (12 o’clock), that a little Caffelatex foam spits out of the valve stem when I open it. In my opinion, the claim is true. What about sealing punctures? I can say that I have been running over stuff with impunity, and nothing has caused a flat so far. I did get a low tire on a couple of occasions. I will not say that I discovered a puncture that had sealed, but after re-inflating both tires, they held air pressure as all of the other Caffelatex injected tires have. I am left to believe that it has saved me a couple flats at least.

Tubed Tires: With the injector kit, I can inject Caffelatex into tubes for a tubed set up. I have done this and sealed a slow leaker tube which is still holding air just fine. (It was mounted in a tire when I did this.) I have done up a few tubed tires with this sealant and again, no detrimental issues, no negatives so far. I find that the Caffelatex is easily injected right past the presta valve stems and I do not have to have removable core stems on the tubes to use this sealant.

I tried the Caffelatex on a tubular tire, but the tire was so old, it wasn’t possible for the sealant to get all the holes in the inner bladder to seal up, so I have not had any success with this yet, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t perform as well as it has in tubes and tubeless tires.

So far, two big thumbs up on this sealant. Stay tuned for a final review in about a month.