I have an update to share concerning the Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex products. I was contacted by Stephen from Cantitoe Road to see if I wanted to test the injector and the tubeless valve stems from Effetto Mariposa. I said “Sure!” and not long after the products came in. (You can find my First Impressions post here on Caffelatex.)


The injector comes with the syringe, hose, and brass adapters to screw onto a Presta valve or a Presta valve with the core removed. The hose slips onto the nozzle of the syringe with an interference fit, so when you apply the plunger the hose won’t come off the nozzle, but allows for easy removal so you can suck up more Caffelatex with the syringe if need be. The syringe itself is graduated so you know just how much you are injecting and has a handy guide label to help you determine just how much Caffelatex different sized tires should have injected.

The valve stems have a removeable core, come with caps, and two to a package. I installed one in a Bontrager Rhythm rim with the TLR rimstrip. It all went together with no issues. The removeable core makes adding sealant a snap. Use a large spoke wrench to tighten the core when installing it, and you’ll be ready to go.

I installed Caffelatex sealant in three tires using the injector kit. I decided to “blow” it right past the valve without removing the core, which turned out to be really easy. I noted that the Caffelatex sealant bubbled, as advertised, right out the valve stem while I was installing the sealant. I also noted that the sealant would coagulate on my fingers in stringy, rubbery masses, which again, leads me to believe it will seal up punctures just fine.

But back to the injector for a moment. The process, once I figured out the way it worked, can be truly mess free and easy. I was impressed! I lean more to the messy side as a mechanic. I can get dirty if I look at a wrench sideways, it seems, so if I can do this drip free, I think most folks will find it that way for themselves too. Also of note: One could inject tubes with Caffelatex as well, if that is how you roll. I’m thinking tubular cyclo-cross tires would be a prime candidate for this process and product.

So, an impressive product and tools to go along with it. I will continue to “inject” various tires around the shop here, as I find the tool easy to use and the sealant promises great performance. I suspect I will be putting it to the test in the coming weeks and will report back with a “Midterm” report then.