The Effetto Mariposa “Caffelatex” sealant has been applied to some tires here at “The Lab” and I have some observations to pass along. To remind everyone, I have the 1000ml bottle size here. Caffelatex comes in several different packages which you can check out in my previous post on this product.

I will say that out of the bottle, Caffelatex seems to be of a thinner viscosity than other popular sealants. (This would account for how easily it can be introduced through a valve stem without removing the core.) It was well mixed with no obvious settling after sitting on my bench for a couple days before I could get to it. Since I was mounting a different tire, I opted to go with adding the sealant in by pouring it from the cap into the tire directly just before snapping the last of the bead over the rim. This went well and if you are careful, you won’t spill a drop. I used a tire I had been running with tubes and tubeless before. I cleaned out the inside before installation. The tires are Bontrager “Dry-X” tires, (now called XDX) and I mounted them to Bontrager Rhythm Comp wheels with the TLR rim strip installed.

The tires went on in the usual manner, which is to say excellently. The tires were then brought to 40psi and I shook and spun them in accordance with “traditional tubeless tire mounting techniques”. Afterwards, I noticed something on one of the tires. Check out the picture below.


Notice the wet spot eminating from the knobs side. Apparently I had a puncture in this tire I was unaware of and the Caffelatex sealed it almost immediately after I installed it. Impressive. So that is a good start.

One thing I noticed that was maybe just an oddity was a noise emanating from the wheel when it was spinning at slower revolutions. It was a sound that was soft, but perceptable. Like that of a piece of fabric lightly draging on the tread. I inspected the wheel, thinking it may be the rubber seals around the axle, but ultimately surmised it was the sealant rolling around inside the tire. Weird, but perhaps not out of the ordinary. I just haven’t heard that before.

Now for some trail time. I’ll be back with a report in a week or two.