With much gladness I post this news of Eastern Woods Research’s coming back to produce frames again. Why am I glad about that? Well, it goes way back into the 90’s.

Eastern Woods Research was primarily driven by a fellow by the name of Jay DeJesus and he has been a long time contributor to Dirt Rag, the Eastern based magazine many of you know and love. While Jay hasn’t contributed much of late, his writings in “the Rag” were always great reads and I came to understand that he was behind EWR. The bikes were/are very different from most anything we see today: super short chainstays, high bottom brackets, and different head and seat angles than the standard of the day. I always admired their “walk to the beat of a different drummer” attitude and their style.

I should note That Mr. DeJesus is behind the reborn EWR and it looks as though they are considering doing 29″ers now along with other types and styles of bikes. (I actually have it on good authority that they are in fact doing a 29″er) If you are interested, investigate the site and drop them an e-mail. I’ll be watching with great interest. Welcome back, EWR!