In our continuing test on the Continental Mountain King 2.4″, I wanted to try out the tires on another rig with even more severe conditions in more technical terrain. Fortunately the elements were all in place for just such a test here recently.

Conti Mountain Kings mounted to a Fisher HiFi Deluxe

A local loop known for its technical nature had recently experienced a lot of rain and was about as treacherous as could be. With some off camber and lots of twisty turns, the tires would surely be put to a test here.

Of course, I was careful not to damage the trails, and this kept me off a portion of the loop. What I could ride was revealing. The Continental Mountain Kings were grippy in the tacky sections and railing corners wasn’t any problem. I found that this is perhaps the ideal trail conditions for this tire. The knobs could penetrate slightly into the earth and gobs of traction was the result.

In the muddy sections the Mountain Kings again were showing that the earlier results were not an oddity. The Kings let most of the mud fling off and were decent in the off camber, finding enough grip to lend confidence to ride more aggressively. In some short, steep climbing, the Kings would slip out though, so getting up might be a problem with these if things get slick. My thoughts were that a paddle design rear tire may have been more effective in this situation. For slippery roots or rocks, the jury is still out yet. I will have to find another trail to check on that situation with the Mountain King.

Overall I would say that the Mountain Kings are doing well in the severe conditions I have subjected them to. The volume is really good, the casing is nice and round in shape which lends a nice cushy feel on a hardtail. It’s done well in rocks, mud, and really is excellent in tacky terrain. Now I am hoping for some drier trails to test its mettle on some hardpack. Stay tuned!