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In the next few weeks we will be descending slowly back into the back end of Fall and then into Winter, but before that happens, we have a few things coming up on test or for final review. Here’s a brief sneak peek of what to expect.


Hutchinson Squale tires as tested by c_g

Hutchinson Squale tires as tested by c_g

Hutchinson Squale 29 X 2.3″ Tires:

Our European correspondent, c_g, has tested the Hutchinson Squale 29 X 2.3″ tires already and we will be translating this text for the site here. The Squale is listed as an aggressive, down hill/enduro tire and it does come in a 29’er size, so we’ll be looking closer at that and if it lives up to its billing.

c_g has a three part review all ready for us, so look for the Introduction here soon. Hutchinson hasn’t been a marque that has gained a lot of fans here, but we’ve been keeping an eye on this French brand since they introduced the python in a 29″er size several years ago.


Blackburn trainer test Coming Soon!

Blackburn Stationary Trainer:

The onset of shorter days and colder weather may cause some of us to find quality time for training and staying in shape rather difficult. Many of us resort to indoor training to supplement whatever outdoor activities we can fit into the Winter months. One of those items that seem to be indispensable for the aspiring fitness freak with cycling on the brain is a stationary trainer like this Blackburn unit we have on hand for a test and review.

The plan is for a regimented schedule of training rides and then we’ll have a final verdict on how this trainer works not only mechanically, but how one can survive using such a device indoors without loosing one’s motivations. First we’ll give you a complete introduction to this “mag trainer” and then it’s off to the “rides to nowhere“. 🙂

Coming Soon- SPY sunglasses review

Coming Soon- SPY sunglasses review


SPY Sunglasses:

Grannygear and I will be giving you our thoughts on the newest SPY sunglasses with the “Happy Lens” technology. Good eyewear is an essential part of riding on pavement or off road and we selected a couple models to review based upon what we thought would work for our riding styles. Plus we got something to help make us look cool off the bike as well to talk about.

Look for the introduction to this later this week.



The Chrome WARM vest in its reversed state.

Chrome WARM Vest:

We also have a sample from Chrome Industries of their recently released vest from their WARM series of outerwear. The season of Fall should be perfect for us to put this garment through its paces and we will be featuring a guest reviewer based in Minneapolis for this special Quick Review of this new garment from Chrome.

And More: We will also be finishing up our look at FSA’s hydraulic brakes, continuing our look at DT Swiss’ newest suspension fork, and more. Stay tuned!