Blackburn Tech Mag 1 trainer

Blackburn Tech Mag 1 Trainer: Test Intro- by Guitar Ted

Shorter days, longer nights, jobs, family duties, “honey-do” lists, or whatever it is that is eating up your time can really put a binder on time on the bike at this time of the year. Most likely a combination of several of these factors, and the weather, is going to really knock your fitness gains from the Summer months backward. One way to get a quick, effective fitness boost despite weather, time, or lifestyle constrictions is to employ the use of a simple indoor trainer device like this Blackburn Tech Mag 1.

It isn’t the only way to skin the cat, but it is something that many cyclists have utilized to great effect during the Winter months to stay in shape or to build fitness for the following season. The Tech Mag 1 is aimed at those cyclists who want to employ a trainer device, but are on a tighter budget, maybe, or just want a trainer option to slot into their other plans that won’t bust the bank account, but be an effective tool. The Tech Mag 1 isn’t a feature rich device, but it claims to have the versatility and functionality to get the job done effectively. Let’s see what Blackburn says about it:

• No assembly required
• Single optimized resistance setting for no-fuss operation
• Compact, lightweight and foldable design
• Rubber feet micro adjust for extra stability
• Bike installation is simple and works with wheel sizes between 26”x 1” and 29”x2.3”
• Tapered cones fit most dropouts
• Steel quick release skewer included

Tech Mag 1

Plastic or oddly shaped QR’s won’t work with the Tech Mag 1, but a steel skewer is supplied to compensate for this.

It is pretty common these days for bicycles to come with either plastic quick release nuts or other, oddly shaped quick release ends. Blackburn’s Tech Mag 1 won’t work with those types of quick release ends, but a steel skewer is supplied that you can swap out your quick release skewer with and that will solve that potential issue. With that issue resolved a cyclist can mount up the Tech Mag 1 with their bicycle in a matter of minutes. From out of the box to riding the trainer took about 5 minutes for me to accomplish. Easy-peasy.

Tech Mag 1

Ready to go with the steel skewer installed.

The Tech Mag 1 is easy to adjust so that your tire is centered on the resistance roller. Then the jamb wing nuts can be tightened against the inside of the trainer legs to hold the adjustment tightly. This will allow for you to ride the trainer aggressively during your work outs without fear of your bike coming out of the tapered cones that squeeze against the quick release.

Tech Mag 1

The resistance unit is easily adjusted to compensate for a wide variety of wheel/tire combinations.

The resistance unit is easy to adjust and will work within a wide range of wheel sizes. It should be mentioned that you will want to use a worn, or lower budget tire, as the roller and associated pressure from the trainer on the tire will prematurely wear the tire’s tread. You definitely do not want to use your expensive new treads on any trainer that contacts the tire to develop resistance. I’ll be finding a suitable tire soon to replace the nicer one seen here in the images for this post.

The simplicity of being able to mount a bike for a trainer session and then quickly remove the bike and fold up the Tech Mag 1 for out of the way storage is a nice feature. It should help promote more use of this trainer and help keep the bike and trainer out of the way when I don’t need to use the set up. I’ll be trying to keep a regularly scheduled workout going for the next few weeks and then I will return with a Final Review to let you know how the Tech Mag 1 holds up and how it could help in maintaining fitness throughout the “dark days” of Winter.

Note: Blackburn Designs sent over the Tech Mag 1 trainer for test/review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. We are not being paid nor bribed for this review and we will strive to give you our honst thoughts and opinions throughout.