Bergamont Revox Team 29″er On Test/ Out Of The Box: by M1

As c_g and myself have both mentioned, the European, particularly the German market, has come into the 29″er world at a glacial pace. However, now that they’re in it, they’re taking to it like ducks in a pond. In a recent German mountain bike magazine there was a head-to- head comparison of 26” vs 29″er versions of the same bikes. The 29″er won every test! Yes, Germans tend to test nearly EVERYTHING to death and in this case, the data and ride of the bikes went in favor of the Big Wheels.

Strangely, the idea of fun is rarely, if ever mentioned when it comes to a given bike test here. Strange eh? The majority of tests are based around vibration cycles to failure, strength to weight ratios, etc. Yawn (and I come from an engineering background)…. To me, the true test of a bike is how enjoyable is it to ride. If not that, how well does it fulfill the task that it was designed for (i.e. racing, training, bikepacking, etc.).

Well, now I get to ride a bike from a relatively new player in the 29’er market Bergamont. This is the 2nd generation of their 29’er line. Bergamont has a line of “race” 29’er hard tails which are mostly referred to as the Revox line. The one that I’m now testing is the Revox Team. It’s 2nd from the top of the 2012 line.

THE BIKE: A year ago c_g has spent some time on Bergamont´s first generation Revox bikes and came away with being impressed by its agile handling but was complaining about issues with seated climbing. How will the Gen II do in this regard? The new line has a slightly revised geometry over the first generation Revoxes – primarily to address the climbing deficits. I got to spend quite a bit of time on the rare, but cool On-One Carbon 29″er hard tail which was a great bike. Now, it is my turn on the Bergamont Revox Team, and I am really curious to see whether it will continue increasing my respect for that non metallic frame material.

The frame is well designed and attractive in Blue/White/Black in what Bergamont refers to as Ultra Lite MCS Composite, UD-Finish with Race Geometry. The frame itself weighs a (claimed) scant 950 grams/2.09 lbs. The Revox Team shares the same frame as the MGN with the exception that the MGN has a different color scheme (if you call black a color) and XX level parts. The third carbon framed 29″er is the Revox 9.2 (slightly heavier frame) and lower specs, but shares the same geometry and has been ridden by c_g during Eurobike´11 Demo Day (here). The Revox Team has a mix of XO/X9 as a 2X10 set-up with 39-26T front rings mated to an 11-36T cassette. Gear changes are handled by a direct mount X9 front derailleur and a blue accented XO-10 speed long cage rear derailleur Shifters are X9 triggers with Matchmaker attachment to the brakes. The brakes are Avid Elixir 9 Carbon with a 180 mm front disk and 160 mm in the rear. The bars are Easton EA70 XC, 680 mm with 9° sweep, the stem and seat post are some sweet examples of Syntace´s high end stuff and the saddle is a Fizik Tundra in matching Blue/White with manganese rails.

The frame is carbon fiber “double diamond” style with highly formed tubing throughout. The front being a monocoque assembly and the rear being more of a ferrule , tube-to-tube joined arrangement. All the joints are very smooth and can be seen in a few places on the bike where they’re visible due to the differing methods and clear matte finish.

The tubes are formed as follows. The head tube is tapered 1.125-1.5, the down tube is tapered and slightly ovalized-rectangular, the chain stays are rectangular, the seat stays are flat-ish rectangles for controlled vertical flex, the seat tube is slightly curved around the point of the front derailleur attachment and the top tube is more or less diamond shaped and tapered. At the seat tube-top tube junction is a brace that actually comes off looking quite nice. The bottom bracket junction is a site to behold with all the flattened and flared tubing but still space for mud to get out.

Cable routing for brakes and shifting is under the down tube and made for through casing. The only exception is the front derailleur cable which has a stop and then the cable runs through a small hole in the frame on it’s way to it’s goal. The rear brake is mounted on the left chain stay which gives it a really nice, clean look.

Wheels are Easton E70 tubeless with straight-pull spokes and a very interesting method of sealing the spoke nipple with a foam-like ring that lays in the spoke recess. Tires on the
stock bike are Schwalbe Racing Ralph. However, in part because of weather, I got the bike sans tires and I am simultaneously testing the new Onza Canis tires for review on this bike.

Front suspension is handled by a 2012 Rock Shox SID RL with tapered steerer and equipped with Dual Air, Motion Control, DNA, bar-mounted Lock Out and more. All this in a flashy snow white color. The bottom bracket is an integrated BB92 press fit and then to round out the parts is the headset which an FSA Orbit 1,5 ZS.

MSRP of the 2012 Revox Team is 2,999 Euros. Considering the high end componentry and design of this caliber I think that’s a pretty great deal.

THE RIDE: I’ve now got about 100 km/60 miles on the Bergamont Revox Team and I can safely say that it’s a sweet piece of machinery – this bike is FUN!! So, stay tuned for more!