Announcing Project Wheel Build: The All Arounder: by Guitar Ted

Here at Twenty Nine Inches, we have tested a fair amount of wheels for 29″ers. The vast majority of these being “pre-built” types, which offer little to no customization, and while having great characteristics in performance, may not have the look, or a specific feature that an individual is looking for. Finally, mountain bikers being what they are, pre-built wheels tend to go against the grain of individuality, and the desire to have “something no one else has”, or that few might. Custom spec wheels take care of many of these issues, but we have not done a review on a custom built wheel, per se’ since 2010. We’re about to take care of that now.

We’ll be taking a nice, light weight set of hubs, some double butted spokes, and some alloy nipples, and we’ll lace all of that up to some new, tubeless ready hoops that have just become available recently which present a new alternative for those interested in wider, tubeless ready rims. Then we’ll slap on some brand new tires that are tubeless ready and take these new hoops out and try to ride them into the ground over the course of the year. Along the way we’ll see if my choices were good, bad, or ugly and how it all stacked up against some of the recent pre-builts we have tested over here at Twenty Nine Inches.

So stay tuned as I start this project off by introducing the component parts I am rounding up to make into this set of wheels. I get into the whys and the goals of these wheels along the way. Obviously, from the title you will already gain some insight as to what it is I am after! 🙂 As a mountain biker in 2012, I think a couple things were foremost in my mind; Value for the dollar, the latest features available, versatility, and finally weight and aesthetics. I also wanted to get something not many others might think about, but are good, stout choices for all around wheels.

Next: I introduce the hubs and rims for the Project Wheel Build: The All Arounder.