45NRTH Introduces “Dillinger 5” Fat Bike Tire- by Guitar Ted

If you pay any attention at all to the fat bike goings on here in North America, you probably heard rumors of, or have seen images of an alleged “fatter” Dillinger tire. The Dillinger has been a very popular, stud-able fat bike tire that features a fast, grippy tread and a fairly light casing, (considering that the term “light” is being applied to a 26 X 4.0 fat bike tire!) , and has been ridden to victory in several high profile fat bike races like the Arrowhead 135 and the recently run Fat Bike 40.

The new "Dillinger 5" fat bike tire

The new “Dillinger 5” fat bike tire

Well, the rumors and images were true. Here is the “Dillinger 5”, the newest fat bike tire from 45NRTH. Featuring new carbide “concave” studs in aluminum bases, the Dillinger 5 has 258 studs, or you will be able to get it in a 120TPI version with no studs. The Dillinger 5 will measure out at the following dimensions- The first number indicates Rim Width, then  Overall Diameter, Max Casing Width, and finally Max Knob Width

  • 100 rim: 752.5, 115, 114
  • 82mm rim: 752.5, 108, 111
  • 65mm rim: 751, 102.5, 110

All measurements in millimeters. The studded Dillinger 5 will run $250.00 and the studless version will run $175.00. (All prices MSRP USD)

DILLY 5-245NRTH says the tires will be available in September of this year, so you can plan ahead and start saving your pennies now. We are betting these will be in high demand, judging from how popular the 4.0 Dillinger is, so we expect that these will be flying out of stores fast right out of the gate.

45NRTH’s David Gabrys says the following about the new fatter Dillinger:

“Designed to maximize the tread footprint from one side of the tire casing to the other, the ride quality of the Dillinger 5 tire is extremely confidence inspiring.   The tread blocks progressively get taller from the center to the edge, giving the tire a slightly flatter profile.  Shorter blocks in the center also reduce rolling resistance, while the signature paddle treads are widened to give even more braking and acceleration traction.”

The Frostbike expo and dealer only show starts today in Bloomington, Minnesota, and I will be there to see this tire and more, so stay tuned for a report from the frozen Northlands coming next week.

Twenty Nine Inches would like to thank David Gabrys and 45NRTH for information and images used in this report.