45NRTH Announces STURMFIST Winter Gloves- by Guitar Ted

Winter and its much ballyhooed henchman, the Polar Vortex, has made an earlier than hoped for appearance on the North American continent. Is it time to scurry for cover and hang your bicycle on a hook for the darkest days of the year? No! 45NRTH says they have the means for you to fight the power and win. Their latest offering to armor you against the onslaughts of Winter is dubbed the Sturmfist.


STURMFIST 4: “Super hero” gloves for the intrepid cyclist.

45NRTH has already been busy working on solutions for cold weather riding for feet, tires, and for your head. Now they are focusing more on hand protection with STURMFIST in two models and with a versatility that should allow for much better hand comfort in the face of the Polar Vortex’s chill. The names are based upon how many digits each glove model allows to be free, so STURMFIST 4 is ganging up the pinky and ring fingers while the middle, index, and thumb remain free to operate controls on your bicycle.


The STURMFIST 4 comes with this Merino wool liner

The versatility of the STURMFIST 4 is enhanced by its Merino wool liner, which can be used separately and is smart phone touch screen compatible. This glove is available separately as well.



The STURMFIST 5 glove

The STURMFIST 5 glove is the traditional, full fingered model for slightly warmer temperatures. It features a 100% Merino wool liner and is recommended for temperatures from 15°F to 35°F.

Here is the press release with a bit more information. Look for these gloves to become available at 45NRTH dealers very soon.

45North is expanding their offering of extreme winter cycling products to include comfort solutions for hands with the release of the Sturmfist collection of extreme winter cycling gloves. Designed for riding in the coldest of conditions, Sturmfist is the first cycling glove to use a layer of aerogel insulation in the palms to address the conductive heat loss caused by frozen handlebars. The gloves utilize a Polartec NeoShell® outer combined with Polartec Alpha® insulation on the back of the hand to provide an unprecedented level of warmth, breathability and resistance to the elements.

The Sturmfist collection will be arriving at retailers next week for $130, $100, and $50, respectively. All pieces in the collection will be available in sizes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Note: The information and images used for this post were provided by 45NRTH