45NRTH has not only been busy with the new Fasterkatt boot, (seen yesterday here), but today they have announced two new Winter riding accessories most often used by fat bikers, but these may also be of interest to any winter commuter or cyclist. The products announced today are the Cobrafist pogie and the Bergraven gaiter.

The Bergraven gaiter on a Wolvhammer boot.

The Bergraven gaiter on a Wolvhammer boot.



Gaiters are a technical legwear item that makes Winter cycling in snowy conditions far more enjoyable by keeping snow out of your boots. Gaiters also keep the wind and cold air further away from you, keeping you warmer longer. Some people even take to making their own gaiters when money perhaps isn’t allowing you to buy ones, or as an experiment of craft. It is fairly unknown that you can make gaiters to hike in, mainly because people prefer to buy professional ones, but if you’re feeling crafty you can give it a go. What makes the Bergraven special is that 45NRTH developed these to integrate perfectly with their Wolvhammer boot, (which we have a rider review on here), for a complete system to allow the fat biker or commuter cyclist to enjoy Winter riding even more. Featuring materials like 100g Primaloft ECO insulation, a kevlar panel on the medial side for abrasion resistance against crank arms, and tear resistant poly material for the outer.

The Bergraven has a toe hook to integrate with the Wolvhammer and a “Ladder Lock Buckle” which goes underneath the boot along with hook and loop closures with buckle adjusters up top to dial in a secure fit. With a knee high length, the Bergraven comes in two sizes, will be available in November, and will retail at $85.00USD.

The Cobrafist pogies are unique in that they actually have zippered vents to help control heat build up inside them so you can manage sweat better and stay warmer longer. The pogies are isulated with a 400 gm Primaloft ECO insulation material. The Cobrafist also features wind resistant poly outer shell material with bar end plug attachment points to hold the pogies in a position which allows easier egress and entry for your hands. There are inner pockets for stowing smaller items along with a neoprene collar where the inner part of the pogie comes in toward the stem. This seals up against a foam cable/handle bar donut to really seal off the cold air and wind from intruding.

The Cobrafist pogies will come in one size, should be available in November, and will retail at $125.00USD

Thanks to 45NRTH for providing the images and information used in this post.