DT Swiss Spline XRC 1250 29″er Wheels: Final Review : by c_g

2 DT SWISS XRCIt was during Eurobike´14 that I had my first contact to the Swiss Uber-wheels (here). Back then I was impressed by the sweet parts, super weight and the really decent inner width … and equally shocked by the top end pricing.

By now I have had them on review for more than 4 months and can confirm that their performance is equally impressive. Sometimes a review can be rather uneventful – regardless of how exciting the product may be. In case of wheels that certainly is a good thing.

So what can I add in new experiences in the SPLINE XRC wheels from the last period of this test, where it was ridden on the 130 mm travel ROCKY MOUNTAIN Instinct?



Not a whole lot that had not been said already during the time it was mounted on the RADON Black Sin hard tail. I have pushed the wheels as hard as the Instinct and my terrain would let me ride them, but the wheels have taken it absolutely unimpressed – awesome performance … and no weakness I could report about. Reassured from this, I even had them on my CUBE Stereo (which with the 160mm Pike in the front and 140mm plush travel in the rear) which allowed me to take them even one step further. Still nothing particular to report, other than they obviously can take a good beating!



Which leads me to conclude this 4-month review with a summary: The SPLINE XRC are true High-End wheels. At just under 1500g (or 3.3 lbs), very good components (190s Direct Pull hubs with the star ratchet freewheel and super smooth bearings, white Aero Comp spokes and of course the worthy carbon rims) and a very appealing look (my opinion at least). A remarkable fact also is the decently wide rims (22.3 mm inner width), which works just as well on narrow XC-wheels as it does on aggressive trail/AM tires. These wheels are a dream come true for every biker, but if you want to make this dream come true for yourself, it will cost you a quite a bit (€ 1998.-). Sounds like the dream may remain a fantasy for must if us. At least we were lucky enough to enjoy them for a while :).







32-DT-SWISS-XRCBut it is not only the numbers and facts that come together nicely. Performance and durability are top notch – regardless if you are a racer, weekend warrior or even All-Mountain pilot – a universality that is still rare in this weight range. The SPLINE XRC are torsionally stiff, yet never felt harsh. The accelerate like the best XC-race wheels, yet have proven themselves more than durable enough for really aggressive riding. With my terrain and skills I had not been able to find any limits.



So the summary of the summary would be that the DT-SWISS SPLINE XRC 1250 wheels are functionally perfect– fast, light, robust, sexy … and expensive.