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The Perfect Gear Bag?  Ogio 9.0 – by Grannygear

OK.  Unless you keep things in a brown paper bag, a duffel left over from college, or a Hello Kitty backpack you stole from your daughter, you need a way to organize and store your riding gear.  With a well stocked gear bag, heading out on a ride day that begins with a drive to the ride location or even a road trip to a distant venue is just a matter of selecting the right options for the day and grabbing the gear bag and off you go.  Ever gotten to the trail head only to find you left your shoes, helmet, or gloves back at home?  Yep, me too.

My gear bag was sad.  It was several years old and came from my jeeping days.  The zippers had long since failed and the size was a bit less that I really needed.  So when I saw the Ogio bags at Interbike, I was struck with how innovative and functional they seemed to be.  It looked like there was more going on here than just a glorified gym bag might offer and we asked for a sample.

DSC05546ogio bag cut

The Ogio 9.0 Athletic Bag is part of the Endurance Series of bags designed for athletes on the go.  From the Ogio website:


  • High tensile strength / lightweight endurance fabrics
  • Crush resistant lockable armored pocket
  • Cavernous main compartment
  • Heavily ventilated mesh shoe compartment
  • Ventilated dirty clothes compartment
  • Wet/dry pocket with 360 ventilation gusset
  • Durable abrasion resistant tarpaulin base
  • Adjustable pack style shoulder straps with integrated carry handle
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Nutrition specific organization
  • Multiple zippered pockets and organization compartments
  • Transparent race day checklist sleeves
  • Two insulated full sized water bottle pockets
  • Padded lid provides comfort in backpack mode
  • High visibility liner
  • Transition site secure attachment strap
  • High visibility liner


  • 420D Cross Dobby, 210D Hexa Cross


  • Dimensions: 12.5″ H x 27″ W x 13″ D
  • Weight: 3.4 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 3600 Cubic Inches
  • Suggested retail : $160.00

When I received the bag, it sat around as we were a bit backed up and the holidays were fast approaching.  I was impressed with the weight and feel of the fabric and zippers, etc, but it was set aside for a time.  However, when at last I sat down to look at the bag, I was more than impressed.  In fact I found myself in a small time treasure hunt of sorts as it must have been a good ten minutes spent finding all the nooks, crannies, compartments, and features of the bag.  If Inspector Gadget and Mary Poppins had gear bags, they would be Ogio 9.0’s.  Pretty sure.

As I mentioned, the bag is of a heavy construction, both in fabric weight and in the zips and straps.  It looks like it can take being tossed into your nasty hatchback (you really should clean that out) or pickup bed and not be destroyed although at $160.00 retail, I would think it should have some mercy shown to it.  Going over the features takes a while but there are main compartments and sub compartments.

  • A large main compartment under the center zipped flap with a smaller zipped pouch for personals.
  • A vented shoe compartment that has an expanding baggy in it to keep grimy shoes from contaminating things.  It looks like it would wipe or wash out easily.  There is room for two pairs of shoes although that would intrude into the main storage a bit more.
  • A dedicated hard case compartment for eyewear.  I have three pairs of glasses in there in their soft storage pouches.  Awesome feature.
  • Two water bottle pockets but you could put what ever fits in there as well.  Handy.
  • A “Nutrition Organization” section with several netted and zipped pouches plus a clear pouch for ID, race day stuff, etc.  Note that many of the bag features are actually labeled to guide you in how to stock the bag.
  • A helmet bra that is stuffed into one end of the bag.
  • A double zipped bottom to the bag that is for nasty, wet, or whatever clothing.  This compartment is the size of the footprint of the entire bag and also has the ability to get 360* venting by unzipping things.
  • The bag’s straps convert to a backpack/shoulder strap arrangement.

Ogio 9.0 bagOgio 9.0 bagOgio 9.0 bag

Ogio 9.0 bagOgio 9.0 bagOgio 9.0 bag

Ogio 9.0 bagOgio 9.0 bagOgio 9.0 bag

Ogio 9.0 bagOgio 9.0 bagOgio 9.0 bag

Ogio 9.0 bagOgio 9.0 bagOgio 9.0 bag

Ogio 9.0 bag


For the brief time I have used it, the bag sure seems to be a great product.  If I could make any changes so far, I would like to be able to divide the main compartment into sub compartments if I so desire.  That would be handy.  As well, I chose to carry my helmet inside the bag rather than with the external carry-bra deal.  My choice.  The straps that convert to a backpack are pretty cool, but a bit gangly.  I do wish I could unclip them and replace them with a simple, shorter grab handle.  Other than that, It is a worthy and much needed replacement to my old gear bag and saved me from the shame of Hello Kitty backpacks, etc.  Your daughter will thank you.



Note: Ogio sent over this product at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches for test and review. We are not being paid, nor bribed for these reviews and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.