Mavic Crossroc WTS: Mid-Term Review- by Grannygear

In our OOB article for this tire wheel system from Mavic, we weighed the Mavic Crossrocs, installed the tubeless rim strip kit, and set them up for 135x9mm rear and 15mm through axle front.  Since then they have lived on a Lynskey Titanium hard tail and seen some trail miles.  The wheels they replaced on the test bike were pretty high end…Roval carbons with some Geax Saguaros run tubeless.  Obviously there was a weight gain incurred with the swap, so I expected to notice some increased effort during climbs and accelerations.  I did notice that.  However; we are comparing a $1200.00 wheel set to a $500.00 one, so that is hardly fair, not to mention any difference in tire weight.


So taking that into consideration we went riding.  And after quite a few hours of trail time over typically dry, dusty and scrabbly surfaces, the Crossrocs have been a steady set up.  I have been pretty impressed by the way they hold air.  The tires did not show a hint of sealant seepage though the casing and, as I mentioned in the Out Of the Box article, they aired up really easily.  It seems to be a well sealed system.  I ran them at around 26-28psi and that seems to be fine for this application.  I am not sure if I would go much lower at my weight, with this size tire, and with this narrow a rim.

Pedaling them was just average as you would expect, in that they do not feel inspiring when you pedal hard nor do they feel dead.  After all, weight is what it is and this set-up does not defy physics, etc.  If I had not been just coming off a very light set of wheels, I doubt I would have noticed.  And, as this wheel is likely to be a budget upgrade from a typically stodgy OE wheel set, they could be much lighter than whatever you are replacing.

Despite the 19mm internal, narrow rim and the 24 spoke lacing, the wheels did not feel like they were giving way at all under cornering, but I plan on upping the ante a bit when I move the wheels to the next bike.  Still, I never felt a hint of wobbliness.  All in all, they just did what I expected them to do.

The tires…hmmm…based on the tread pattern, I expected them to be an excellent dry conditions tire and yet I was not overwhelmed by the grip when cornering.  They felt vague and a bit loose to me.  I need to play with pressures more as I may have not been at the right level or I may be feeling the narrow rim allowing the tire to fold over a bit.  More time is needed here.


Moving forward, I am planning on swapping them onto the long term Camber to push them a bit harder.    I also plan on playing with mounting some other tires on them to see how they react to non-’system’ tires.  But as of now, performance has been solid if not sedate, and that seems fair enough at the asking price of their wheel set.

We will we be back with a wrap once we get out of Impulse power and go to warp 2 on the 120mm full suspension bike. (That is what you get when you watch Star Trek while writing an article).

Note: Mavic provided the items for this test/review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. We are not being bribed nor paid for this review. We will strive to be honest with our thoughts and opinions throughout.