SCHWALBE Magic Mary 29″er Tires – On Test/Out of the Box: by c_g
6 Magic Mary
3 Magic MaryWe had introduced them in detail announced them some time ago (here ), and now we have a set of the all new SCHWALBE Magic Mary 2.35 “Snake Skin for a review … still wearing that prestigious blue „First Ride“ label on the sidewall, that gives it away as a pre production sample out of R&D. With Magic Mary, which will be replacing both the Big Betty and the Muddy Mary (both existed only in 26“), every angle and serration had been carefully considered to provide a maximum of grip and control under varying conditions. It is aimed squarely at very aggressive trail riding all the way to enduro and in its Super Gravity version even at DH-racing.2 Magic Mary
Here come the facts: Our samples in the lighter Snakeskin version came out at 901 and 926g, not quite „between 800 and 900 g“ as claimed during the intro, but given they are pre-production samples, still quite OK. Add the huge volume with a 59,5mm casing width (on the AMERICAN CLASSIC All-Mountain rims, 24mm inside width) at 2,0 bar / 29psi – more than 60 if you take the maximum knob width – and the Magic Mary becomes the biggest tire we have ever reviewed here at TNI-de. Usually the official pressure recommendations start where we have our max limits in daily use, but in this case it even states as low as 1.6bar /23psi for a minimum pressure recommendation. It seems tubeless ready is gaining some confidence, right? We will see where we find our pressure preference when riding this beast.
-5 Magic Mary
Tread depth is not unusual at 5.0 mm but it looks simply intimidating. A good part of this lays within the strongls supported shoulder knobs, with a base extending far into the sidewalls. The central tread also received a slight trapezoid shape giving extra support.
The triple compound feels very soft and tacky, but is said to be identical to the standard All-Mountain style TrailStar Triple Compound as it will be available in the production version. Alternatively there will be a even grippier VertStar Compound available, but only in a Super Gravity version. I have mounted the SCHWALBE Magic Mary on my CUBE Stereo SHPC where it will be running along the 160mm ROCK SHOX Pike (first ride impressions, (here), a truly aggressive combo. Stay tuned for my first ride impressions of this new tire (incl. some comments on its tubeless ready performance).