Eurobike ’13: Press Releases & More- by Guitar Ted

While c_g is scrambling around Friedrichshafen’s show halls, we have received some press releases and news that we wanted to share. Here are a few tidbits coming out of the show today….

Niner Bikes Introduces Three New/Updated Models:

Totally redesigned WFO 9

With the move towards shorter chain stays and slacker geometry up front, the old WFO 9 platform was left out in the cold, as it were, with its steeper head angle and longer stays, but Niner has rectified this with its all new, ground up redesign of the longest travel full suspension bike in its line up. Featuring the Air Formed tubing Niner has been using of late, this frame now sports numbers more in line with what is fashionable in an AM type mountain bike. 67°-66° head tube angles- depending on the fork travel used- and 17.4″ long chain stays, which Niner says makes this bike playful, maneuverable, and more capable than any other long travel 29″er and, (they claim), better than 27.5″ers in the same travel category. We aren’t sure about that last claim, but Niner is running the WFO 9 in enduro series races against the latest crop of mid-sized wheel thrashers, so we’ll perhaps see how that pans out for them.

The new One 9 RDO

Now the venerable One 9 is updated with an RDO carbon fiber frame. Now featuring the Biocentric II and CVA bottom bracket, the One 9 RDO is more than a “one trick pony”, since Niner figured out how to add a derailleur hangar to the 142mm X 12mm rear axle so you could run a 1 X 10 or 1 X 11 set up. The head tube badge still uses the same ports as other Niner carbon hard tails allowing for internal cable routing.

AIR 9 Carbon

Niner refined the AIR 9 Carbon to reflect similar tubing shapes and profiles to the RDO series with a dedicated geared set up now. Bottom bracket and head tube bearing surfaces are now molded directly into the carbon frame.

45NRTH, Salsa Cycles win Eurobike Awards:

Design awards were handed out for two upcoming products at Eurobike that we’re keen on here. The Beargrease Carbon fatbike, which promises to be the lightest, widely available production fat bike for 2014, and 45NRTH’s own “Fasterkatt” cold weather boot, which will debut this fall and should be a very popular boot for cyclo-cross and mountain biking in cooler weather, especially wet, cold weather.

Stay tuned for an announcement on another new tire from 45NRTH this Friday.

Breezer Bikes Announces the Repack Full Suspension 27.5″er:

Breezer Bikes' Repack 160mm travel FS rig

While it may seem incongruous to some for Breezer to be delving into long travel suspension territory, it actually is a natural outgrowth of what Breezer, and namely Joe Breeze himself, has been all about. The name of the new model should be a clue: “Repack” is the name given by the early Marin County Gang, (Joe Breeze being one of the central figures in that gang), for the Mount Tamalpais downhill event that fried the coaster brakes on those ancient “balooners” that the mountain bike pioneers used back then. (Thus requiring a “repack” of the rear hub. Get it? ;) ) Ever in a search for better tools for that job, Joe Breeze torched up the first purpose built downhill rigs in 1977. Fast forward to today: Joe is still on the quest for better tools for going down and up, (and around!), which leads us to the Repack.

Joe went to Sotto Design, (the same outfit that helped Yeti design the SB66 and SB95 FS rigs), for help in solving certain issues Joe sees as problems with current full suspension design. Sotto came up with the “M-Link”, which is a radical take on the multi-link suspension design camp.

Using a mid-chain stay pivot, the M-Link is said to pedal with efficiency and eliminates “anti-squat” and “anti-rise” for a smooth, active suspension least affected by rider inputs. Breezer and Sotto also claim that the Repack model line will not require a pedal platform to feel better while climbing. (Although the top two models do have Fox CTD equipped rear dampers.)

What about a 29″er? well, it seems that in poking around in the PDF files from Breezer’s press kit, we see that a 120mm travel 29″er was also worked up in the M-Link design, but there is no official word on whether or not this will be offered as of now. One would think that a 29″er in the 120mm range would make sense here though. Stay tuned……