SKS Grand D.A.D & Grand M.O.M Splash Guards- by Guitar Ted

Recently Grannygear and c_g went to the press camp in Arizona which, amongst other things, featured SKS products. One of the featured products at the camp were the splash guards with the familial sounding names: Grand D.A.D and Grand M.O.M. (See the report Grannygear filed here.)

SKS Grand D.A.D

While these guards are intended for 26 inch wheeled bikes, we’ve seen them used on fat bikes and since those bikes have an outer wheel diameter which is 29″s, I figured why not put these on a 29″er? So that’s what I did for this Quick Review. But first, let’s learn a bit more about these splash guards.

SKS Grand M.O.M

While it would seem more polite if the “Grand M.O.M.” was first, it isn’t. The front fender is the Grand D.A.D and that stands for “Dual Adjust Dirtboard”. This well made plastic and rubberized splash guard is a two piece affair which is connected to a central metal mount. The Grand D.A.D comes with a quick disconnect and fit kit which is adjustable and accounts for a wide range of steer tube openings, which the Grand D.A.D mounts to. Select the appropriate plug and mount the expander type wedge into the underside of your steer tube. Their is a screw head which protrudes downward from the plug and the quick disconnect mounts to this.

Slide this orange peice forward and the fender comes off

That’s pretty much it as far as the details of the mounting. SKS says this splash guard weighs 135gms, and my digital scale confirms this. Retail pricing on this splash guard is about $34.99 give or take a few bucks depending on where you look.

The Grand M.O.M rear splash guard mounts with a fabric and quick disconnect cam mechanism which adjusts for different seat post sizes. The “M.O.M” in this case stands for “MTB Oversize Mudguard”. The guard is adjustable via the Allen head pivots and can be positioned in a variety of ways. This one is claimed to weigh about 182 gms, but the sample I received actually weighed 178gms. The Grand M.O.M goes for around $25.99, give or take a few bucks.

The guards were easy to mount, and the pair is easily removed when you do not need them on the bike. They seem well made, are reasonably light, and feel flexible in the right places, but not at all flimsy. I thought the look was akin to a motocross bike once mounted to my Fargo. Okay…… let’s find some mud! :)

Performance: I certainly found plenty of wet places to ride recently, since we have been getting plenty of heavy rains this late Spring. I did do a ride without the SKS guards on to get a baseline for how well they worked. Of course, I was drenched up the backside and had mud flinging up onto my eyewear and all over my legs and torso. Okay- now for the SKS guards. The back side was never drier, and up front, I did get rid of the flying mud and water issues that hindered my sight. However; I still got a good soaking, I would say from about the knees on down. Well……this is off roading after all. I figure getting a little dirty and wet is part of the fun of it. :)

The guards stayed in place quite well for me, and while I was concerned a bit with the flexibility of the guards themselves, I only got the rear Grand M.O.M to slap the tire on hard landings or big impacts. Otherwise these guards were not noticeable from a riding standpoint, other than to say that I had much clearer vision and stayed a lot drier and cleaner than I would have without them on.

A Word On Fat Bikes: While many have tried these on fat bikes, the coverage is not as good as it needs to be. Here the SKS fenders are “better than nothing at all”, but obviously they don’t do as well as they did for me on a 29″er. I’d love to see a wider version of these for fat bikes, and especially for the bigger tires some of these bikes are running now. The Grand M.O.M. and D.A.D are barely enough for 3.8″ers, and the bigger tires easily overwhelm these guards.


The SKS guards are a well made accessory item that does a decent job of cutting back on the amount of spray and especially mud flinging around that happens when you ride wet terrain. While SKS lists these as being for 26 inch bikes on their site, they work just fine on a 29″er as well. Maybe the front Grand D.A.D is a little short on coverage but I wasn’t expecting to go bombing through wet, muddy holes without some flying terra firma and water getting on me as well. As was shown by my initial guard-less ride, these mudguards do a decent job of making the ride safer from a vision standpoint, and definitely a lot drier on the hindquarters!

I would definitely consider these guards for wetter climates and for anyone extending the use of their 29″er to commuting that doesn’t want to commit to fixed mount fenders. While the front will still allow a fair amount of mud and wetness to reach your lower extremities, I still fell the SKS Grand .D.A.D and M.O.M are worthy trail dirt deflectors and make riding in the wetter times of the year a more enjoyable and safer option.

Bonus Mini-Review: I also got ahold of the SKS “S-Blade” clip on rear splash guard. This is a great little splash guard which does a decent job protecting your back side from the dreaded “Skunk Stripe”. :) It mounts like the Grand M.O.M with the quick release cam strap and stays secure, even on rough gravel roads, where I tested this one. Here are a couple looks at that on my Black Mountain Cycles “Monster Cross” rig.

NOTE: SKS sent the Grand M.O.M., Grand D.A.D, and S-Blade clip on mud guards at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches for test/review. We were not bribed nor paid for this review and we strive to give our honest opinions throughout.