Out of the Box: DT Swiss Spline 1 Wheels- by Grannygear

At Sea Otter we stopped by the DT Swiss booth and got the low down on the new DT Swiss Spline 1 series of wheels (see this article for all that info).  And we came home with a set of the XM 1501 wheels- in the 29″er flavor, of course!  On the scales of guaranteed Precision and Goodness they weighed as follows:  Rear wheel with sealing tape in place and a 142×12 setup (no axle) 890g/1.9lbs.  Front wheel in 15mm through axle with tape as well – 796g.  That was a savings of 79g off the front Roval Control wheel that was stock on the Camber Expert.  I do not have the stock rear wheel at hand right now to compare the weight, but I expect that the DT Swiss wheel will be lighter here as well.  I measured the internal width at 23mm and the external width at 26mm…DT Swiss says 22.5mm inner/27mm outer and I think they are more accurate than my eyeballing.  Very nice.  FINALLY we have a good width rim coming from a DT Swiss for 29″er wheels.  19mm internal width rims have no good place on a 29″er trail bike.

So they are wide enough, light enough at 1686g, and have a bomber hub tied to them.  Sweet.  I tried two types of tires that are notoriously tight on some rims.  One was a Geax TNT Saguaro and one was a Conti Protection X King.  Both mounted with little difficulty on the rim.  Very nice.  I swapped the gears, rotors and tires off the Camber and ended up with a 2.3 Ground Control Control casing rear and a 2.3 Butcher front, both tubeless.  Then back on the Camber they went.  First impressions have been very favorable and we are headed to Flagstaff, Arizona for testing.  Be back soon, all covered with dust no doubt.

Note: DT Swiss provided the Spline wheels at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches for test and review. We are not being paid, nor bribed for these reviews and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.