Not always lot of detail here, but some things that we stopped to look at that made us go “Ooooooo!”

turner Czar“Turner is doing carbon”…

…was the buzzword on recent MTB forums when some rumors, combined with a recent sighting of David Turner at a local So Cal endurance event, had the Turner fans all buzzing with anticipation.  And, here is the ‘Czar’, Turner’s answer to big wheels, carbon construction, and efficient DW Link suspension.  100mm of travel, Journal Bearing pivots with Zerk fittings, PF 30 BB, post mount disc brake set-up, 142x12mm rear axle, TWO WATER BOTTLE MOUNTS…yes I am shouting this out…well.  This looks fast.  Like cover miles and miles and hours and hours fast.  69.8* HTA, 17.4″/442mm CS length and a 5.3lb weight in a medium frame.  Comes stock in the build kits with a 51mm offset fork.  $2995.00 gets you the result of 2.5 years of development.  Will this only be the start of carbon Turners?  Is 100mm still viable when 120mm in 29ers looks like the new 100mm?  Who knows, but I bet this will be a stunner of a bike.

turner Czarturner Czarturner Czar

turner Czarturner Czarturner Czar

turner Czarturner Czarturner Czar


niner RIP 9 airformed

 RIP9, Airformed.

It is hard to do justice to the intricate shapes that the new RIP9 has in its re-birth.  The camera does not really catch them, but looking at the new version side by side of the old, the refinement is significant.  There are less welded tubes/gussets and more one piece formed sections, new rockers, pivots, etc.  Note in the pic below, the new version in raw next to the older one in black…even the BB area gives you an idea of how many small (or not so small) changes were made.  At just about the weight of the carbon version (slightly more than half a pound heavier) and a good deal cheaper, the new RIP9 is going to make a lot of folks re-consider buying carbon.  Aluminum is far from dead, it appears.  More details when we have our official meeting with Carla at Niner.  Carla is a total Niner-head and is one of our favorite persons in this biz…always excited and stoked to be there!

niner RIP 9 airformedniner RIP 9 airformedniner RIP 9 airformed

niner RIP 9 airformedniner RIP 9 airformedniner RIP 9 airformed

niner RIP 9 airformedniner RIP 9 airformed

 raleigh talus 29 carbon pro

 Raleigh Talus 29 Carbon Pro.

Direct connect carbon, 142×12, XO throughout, Easton EA90XC wheels in the catalog and Enve stem and seatpost too (this bike shown was not quite to spec if the catalog is to be believed).  Now there are 29er hardtails in the big three…steel, aluminum, and carbon from Raleigh.  Nice looking bike…the pic does not do it justice…but neither does it immediately stand out in any way either.  $7000.00 for this baby.  However, the new line of Raleigh cyclocross carbon bikes were pretty darn gorgeous…just sayin’ if you are into that kind of stuff.

raleigh talus 29 carbon proraleigh talus 29 carbon proraleigh talus 29 carbon pro


 Yes we have Enduros, thanks for asking.

Specialized had three models of the new 29er Enduro to poke at…the Expert Carbon (shown above), the Comp and the S Works.  This bike is a line drawn in the sand, then boldly stepped over with 430mm sized feet…which happens to be the length of the chain stays on this 155mm/150mm travel 29er FS.  Think there are other brands watching to see if this plays big in the hands of the consumer?  I would say there are. We should be on one of these soon in the Comp version, the one that will be the most readily available for purchase.  The other models will follow to market.  Very interesting bike.  The S Works is a 26-ish pound, big travel 29er without the logging truck rear center.  Pretty cool, I’d say.  Note the internal routing port in the ‘belly pan’ for the Command Post IR release cable and the innovative front der hanger.  Release effort is greatly reduced on the new IR version of the Command Post dropper seat post over previous versions.

On another note, Specialized hired a bunch of folks to re-invent the MTB line of his and hers clothing.  We have some samples and will report back, but what we saw as a result of all this effort and re-focusing looked like comfy fabrics and good thinking.  Check with your local dealer on all that gear.

2013 specialized 29er enduro2013 specialized 29er enduro2013 specialized 29er enduro

2013 specialized 29er enduro2013 specialized 29er enduro2013 specialized 29er enduro


Good things come to those who wait…and believe (or not).

The Ripley was here, there, and everywhere at Sea Otter as demos were going out an coming in as fast as KT the Man could spin the wrenches.  Oddly enough, they did not have a ‘purty’ one there for photo ops, so I figured I would ride one instead of snapping pics…the one pictured above, actually.  Just a casual putt for now with a real ride coming up soon if things fall into place.  However the bike has that snappy DW pedaling feel like the Turners do and the Ripley feels very eager to turn at will.  Will this be a real quiver killer…the best of the do-it-all 29ers FS bikes?  Maybe so.  With the Pivot 429C, the Tall Boy, and the RIP RDO (among others) all duking it out, this should be an interesting battle.  Look for a ride report very soon with more detailed impressions and pictures on our home turf.  #stokedcannotwait

ibis ripley

KT the Man gets to work on cool bikes.

That is only part of day one…more to come soon.