2014 rockshox pike

Good things come back around, so it seems, and for 2014, mountain bikers in all three wheel sizes will have one more choice in forks for heavy trail bikes.  The Pike is back.


•       Lyrik stiffness at near Revelation weight

•       Rider focused features

•       The most refined damper

•       Asymmetrical Lower leg

•       New Maxle lite

•       Low friction single seal

•       Slotted upper bushings

•       Solo air and dual position air

•       All wheel sizes available

•       15 x 100 axle only

•       Taper only

WHEEL SIZE: 26”, 27.5”, 29”
WEIGHT*: 26” – 1835g (4.05 lb), 27.5” – 1861g (4.10 lb), 29” – 1876g (4.14 lb)
TRAVEL: 26”/27.5” – 150mm, 160mm; 29” – 140mm, 150mm
STEERER:Tapered only
AXLE: Maxle Lite 15mm
ADJUSTMENTS: External rebound, low speed compression, 3-position compression (Open/Pedal/Lock)
SPRING: Dual Position Air, Solo Air
CROWN: Forged, hollow 7075 Aluminum
LOWER LEGS: Magnesium, disc only
COLORS: Black, White
MSRP: $980-1085 (878-949€)

*Weight based on 265mm tapered aluminum steerer, 15mm Maxle

2014 rockshox pike2014 rockshox pike2014 rockshox pike

2014 rockshox pike2014 rockshox pike


It looks like we ‘wagon wheelers’ will get a 150mm travel fork in the Dual Position Air mode (with a 30mm travel adjustment for climbing) and a 140mm version in Solo Air, or that is what the video seems to imply.  EIther way, the revised Maxle Lite allows for tool free adjustment and a claimed improved axle/fork interface and the 35mm stanchions ought to bring joy to the hearts of 29er fans looking for a bigger, stouter trail fork.  RCT3 is good stuff (and there is an RC with a more traditional full sweep of compression adjustment) and the new bladder type Charger damper looks interesting along with the Rapid Recovery rebound system.  At 1876g/4.13lb, it is pretty light for all that beef.

RS_PIKE_  Clicky there for a PDF file on the new Pike.



The goods on the damper set-ups:


As well, the well received Reverb dropper post gets a couple of tweaks, most notably the Stealth version which has a new quick release hydraulic fitting on the bottom that is said to be good for a couple of connect/disconnects before it needs to be bled.  Since I just installed a Steath dropper post on a review bike, and went through the bleed process, I can appreciate the thinking behind this.  Pretty cool idea for those who are technically ‘a-feeered’ (scared) of getting those syringes out and going through the bleed dance.

RS_Reverb_  Clicky there for a PDF file on the changes to the Reverb post.