On-One “Chunky Monkey” 2.4″er Tires: Out Of The Box- by Guitar Ted

Recently I introduced the On One Chunky Monkey tires and now it is time to get the technical introductions out of the way. I will also reveal the set up and wheels that I employed to be able to ride these tires, (if it ever quits being winter here! :) )

On One Chunky Monkey

A pair of Chumky Monkeys

First, let’s hear from On One about the Chunkey Monkey tires: from their website-

The On-One Chunky Monkey. A tyre designed predominantly for front use, with a big 58mm carcass to take the knocks and a 60mm tread width with solid shoulders to carve the lines in the trail you want. Developed by leading tyre Guru Shiggy, and tested extensively by our development Ed Oxley, with proto samples even receiving acclaim from the “often scathing” Steve Jones of Dirt magazine.

Two compounds are available – a single compound 50a option – which offers amazing grip performance on all conditions, and an even softer dual compound version with a 50a central section and super grippy 42a sides, to offer unbelievable levels of grip when leant over, with also a reduced rebound when snagging on trail obstacles. Sidewalls are reinforced with our own named Eckso sidewall protection, to guard against rips and gashes. The tire bead is Kevlar, folding, and lighter and better fitting than steel beads.

We picked up two of the Chunky Monkey tires- one in each compound style, to test out. The tires have a beefy feel out of the box, and the knobs do look like they should bite well, but we’ll see on that. The knob pattern is similar to the Smorgasbord, (tested here), but is perhaps a bit more open, with tie bars on the central pairs of knobs. As On One states, the tire is meant to be best up front, but we will try it on the back end of one of our rigs as well.

The tires are both folding bead models and the weights were as follows: Orange label “Trail Extreme” 900 gms, Blue label “Enduro” 980 gms. Keep in mind that the Trail Extreme is the dual compound tire and the Enduro is the single compound tire. Both feature “Ekso” side wall protection.

I am pairing up one of the Chunky Monkeys with a Smorgasbord on the new Charger Pro wheels, ( on test here). On One recommends a wider rim for these tires, and I heartily agree with that assessment. The Charger Pro complies with its wide internal width. While On One does not say these tires are tubeless ready, I, (of course), am going to set them up that way. However; be prepared to assume the risk of doing so, should you try this at home. ;)

So we’ve got a big, bad, burly trail tire here ready for some severe treatment. No XC racing types need apply! In my next post I hope to have had the chance to ride the Chunky Monkeys a bit, and I will chime in with my First Impressions post.

Note: On One sent over this pair of tires for test/review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. We are not being paid nor bribed for this review. We will strive to give you our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.