Spied On Trail: 3D Racing 29+ Bike: by Grannygear

3D racingVisiting from the frozen wilds of Durango, Co, So Cal expatriate Chris Herting, the man behind 3D racing, was caught enjoying some prime spring weather and dry dirt on our backyard trails.  Chris knows aluminum construction and has been turning out sweet bikes for years now, one of those quiet innovators making cool stuff we want to ride.

Today he was on the yet to be named 29+ 3D bike.  I snapped some fairly awful iPhone pics in less than ideal lighting and with poor framing, but hey, it was what I had to work with at the time without my glasses on.  Notice the twin top tube design and the yoke at the BB/CS area.  Chris built this with a Niner EBB setup (V2.0 version with the twin bolt set-up) so he could SS it and it was, of course, running the 29×3.0″ Knard tires.  Also, yes that is an XFusion fork on there.  I though I had seen something really new and special, but this was a stock XFusion 29er fork with the arch shaved down.  Don’t do this at home, etc.

3D racing3D racing3D racing

Chris says that the twin top tubes enhance vertical compliance and yet retain torsional stiffness.  I like the look and it reminded me of the Siren Bikes Twinzer.

No info on price, etc, but this is a production bike so call 3D racing for details.  Chris is on the road, so he may not get back to you till he is home, but the wait could be well worth it.

3D Racing website.