Magura Disc Brake Recall

Readers may remember our Magura MTS Hydraulic Brake Review, (seen here), and that our European correspondent, c_g, had a failure. These brakes were requested by Magura to be examined, and we stated that we would post back their response. Due to c_g’s example and other evidence, Magura has issued a recall of certain MT6 and MT8 disc brakes.

MAGURA took this inicdent very seriously and have carefully inspected c_g’s set … and have kept us informed on the status of the investigation. After a long and elaborate search the engineers at MAGURA have been able to find the reason for the defect and narrow the potential safety risk down to an early poduction phase. Although the potential of a failure like ours is said to only exist under sub-freezing temps, MAGURA took the action to initiate the replacement of all affected brakes. Here is the information from the recent press release:

During the course of our constant product observation process, MAGURA has detected a potential fault source in part of a production batch affecting our disc brake range MT6 and MT8. The fault could potentially pose a risk to the user. As a result we recommend that you stop using these products with immediate effect. In the few cases where we have experienced this fault it is apparent that a loss of brake pressure can occur when the brake is exposed to very cold temperatures. The safety of our customers is our primary concern and any potential risk to the user due to quality issues, as in this case, leads to an immediate corrective action.

As a result we would recommend that all affected brakes are no longer used. We are offering a free of charge replacement option for any potentially involved disk brake systems which are members of the product family MT6 and MT8. Should your brake be affected the brake lever (master cylinder) will be replaced free of charge.

This replacement only applies to a limited number of MT6 and MT8 brakes which can be identified by a production number visible on the brake calliper as shown.

All MT6 and MT8 brakes with serial numbers up to 20531 are subject to this replacement action and could potentially be affected. All MT6 and MT8 brakes without a serial number on the calliper could also potentially be affected and will be replaced. MT6/8 brakes with serial numbers higher than 20601are not affected. All other MT series brakes (MT4, MT2, MTC, MTS and MT Custom) are also not affected.

For safety reasons the affected brakes should no longer be used.

Click here for Magura’s recall site.
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UPDATE: March 21st, 2013: Now this recall has been officially announced for the U.S. through the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Following is the Consumer Contact Info:
Magura USA at (800) 448-3876 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or online at and click on “Recall Information.”

We want to thank MAGURA for their open and professional approach to the issue and for taking these measures to ensure maximum safety of their products.