2014 Shimano: 29″er Friendly- 27.5″er Intros- by Guitar Ted

It’s March and that means it is time to hear some news about what is in the pipeline for Shimano that you will see next year on mountain bikes at your local bike shop and out on the trails. Let’s take a look at some news regarding cranks, wheels, and the all new Deore 610 series mountain bike group.

New Shimano Deore MTB crank
For several years we’ve been told by Shimano that, “there is no such thing as 29’er gearing. There is only mountain bike gearing.” Well, now Shimano must feel differently about that. ;)

Aimed directly at 29″er riders and the new 27.5″er bikes due to hit stores next year, these cranks in the XT, SLX, and new Deore M-610 group are geared at a big wheel friendly 40T-30T-22T combination. Shimano also developed front derailleurs in the XT and SLX range to optimize shifting with these smaller sized rings. (FD-M781-A-B and the FD-M671-A-B, down swing models.) These new derailleurs are shaped to offer better clearance due to their low profile design. There will also be a double crank offered in the new Deore M-610 group, which is shown above.

27.5: Shimano acknowledges the 27.5″er bikes further with the introduction of complete wheels for the middling size. Shimano will offer a 27.5″ wheel at the Deore XT level as well as with the new WH-MT35 wheel shown above. Also new for 2014 is the WH-MT15 that is available in 26” and 29” sizes.

New Deore M-610 DynaSys

New Deore M-610: Shimano trickles down their newest mountain bike technology further with the revamped Deore group which now benefits from the DynaSys drive train features and from the Ice Tech braking technology.

The Shadow Plus derailleur also makes the jump to the new Deore which will bring quieter rides and less dropped chains down market to more riders than ever. Shimano will offer Deore M-610 in black and silver options with crank sets in double and triple configurations. Hubs will be made available in standard quick release with a front 15mm QR option also available. We suspect that this group will see a tremendous amount of spec in 2014 as the Shadow Plus and Ice Tech are high performance features not found at this level from SRAM currently.

NOTE: The images and information in this post were provided by Shimano.