Lezyne “Caddy Sack”: Quick Review- by Guitar Ted and Grannygear

Twenty Nine Inches received a couple interesting items from Lezyne recently that were split between Grannygear and Guitar Ted. They are called “Caddy Sacks” and essentially, they are semi-dry bags for smaller items. Here’s what Lezyne says about the product. (from their website):

The Lezyne Caddy Sack is a simple, reusable sack that can be used to carry all necessities, even smartphones. It has been redesigned with PVC fabrics, welded seams and a rolled velcro closure making this new sack extremely water resistant. The wide opening makes it quick and easy to see and extract contents. It is available in two sizes to accommodate a wide range of accessories.

The Caddy Sack comes in two sizes,( SM: 150x157mm / MD: 180x200mm), and two colors, (gray and black), but both sell for MSRP $9.99USD

Guitar Ted says: I got the small Caddy Sack and used it several times as a way to protect my point and shoot, or my cell phone, from wet snow, or from sweat if I carried either object next to my body in a jersey pocket or similar place. It is probably barely big enough for an iPhone, sans a big protective case, or for any “dumb phone” like my simple flip phone. It was easy enough to use, and the materials feel thick, durable, and look like they should resist moisture easily.

  Caddy Sack, Lezyne

The small Caddy Sack is a roll top bag, and that roll top accounts for about one third of its height, so overall, the Caddy Sack is larger than a wallet by quite a bit. I found it fit tightly in some jersey pockets due to this, and it was awkward in my top tube bag. However; it did keep things dry, so it did its job. I could see using this in a bikepacking scenario for things you want dry, but maybe don’t need to get at all that often, or need to see to identify. It might also be just the thing for a small device you want to put in your hydration pack in case of a shower.

Grannygear’s thoughts:  I have been playing with the Medium size Caddy Sack and have found it to be plenty large to swallow an iPhone4 with a case on it.  It certainly would hold a P&S camera if it were not too thick.  I would think it would be great to hold your identity cards, cash, etc on bikepacking trips as a better option to a zip lock baggie which is not very durable.  This bag seems pretty tough and I imagine it would take a lot to wear it out.  I would put my iPhone in there on rides that looked like they might turn wet and felt good about putting it into a hydration pack even if it was not rain proof or a jersey/jacket pocket.  While not truly water proof if you went swimming in the creek in error, it would take a pretty good soaking to get water in there and it would certainly shed snow or mud, etc.  Quite a useful deal, really, for 10 bucks.

Note: Lezyne sent over the Caddy Sack bags to Twenty Nine Inches for review at no charge. We were not paid, nor bribed for this review. We strive to give our honest thoughts and views throughout.