We are getting ready to spin up the wheel building machine and let Jeffj have at a combo of the recent DIY offering from American Classic, the 101 rim.  Light weight and decently wide, it is the first time that the the fine people at American Classic have allowed their rims to be purchased at a component level instead of as a prebuilt wheel.  We will be lacing them to a set of Sun Ringle Dirty Flea single speed hubs using DT Swiss spokes and alloy nips.  Yep, should be a nice set of hoops.  We will be on these on a revised and resurrected SS ride to see how the new 101s do under a near 200lb rider and how the hubs hold up and perform as a pure SS hub set.

Look for an Out Of the Box report soon with weights, specs, dimensions, etc.  Then we go riding.