Coming Soon……by Guitar Ted

With the Winter, (and a crazy one at that), going on at Twenty Nine Inches HQ, I have not been able to get much of any test riding done, like Grannygear and c_g have. To get everyone up to speed on my end, I decided to give a foretaste of what is coming up, with any little updates I might have on each item here.

Specialized Camber Comp: Actually, I’ve gotten a couple rides in recently again on this bike, but the last update, (here), was the First Impressions, so look for an upcoming Mid-Term on that bike after things clear up on the trails. I will say that I’ve gone tubeless and made a tire change since you last saw this bike here. This bike has a certain suspension feel which I also have found out was intentional by the engineers at Specialized, so stay tuned for more about that…..

Michelin Wild Grip’R 29″er Tires: I just posted an Out Of The Box on these tires, (here), but I have ridden these a bit and it won’t be long before I will have had enough time on them to start talking about First Impressions.

The tires have a very similar look to the Michelin Wild Race’R tires, (seen here), and not surprisingly, a similar feel. Set up tubeless, of course. Look for the First Impressions soon…

Diamondback Mason HT: This interesting hard tail bike was last seen when I gave my First Impressions, (here), and there have been some rides beyond that point, but Winter shut down any more meaningful testing for this bike. I have been graciously allowed to continue doing a long term test on this bike after things clear up out on the trails, so look for some more posts coming on the Mason.

The bike has a rather interesting trait, which is that I seem to like the steering better at the longer travel setting on the Fox Talas 29 fork. The fork itself has been a lot of fun to ride, and along with this bike’s geometry, I have found the Mason to be a bit of an eye opener. Stay tuned….

Shimano XT 29″er Wheelset: This wheel set is a very interesting component with some unique features. I have had some time on them, but the last posting here was the Out Of The Box post seen here. I have the XT wheels set up with the Michelin Wild Grip’R tires, mentioned above, and all of that on a single speed which I have been mucking about on when the weather allows. look for a First Impressions post on these UST wheels soon.

Magura MTS Brakes: These hydraulic brakes are set to have their Final Review done here yet this week, so look for that very soon. These brakes were last posted on here. In a bonus, c_g will be doing his Final Review on the Magura MT8 brakes he has been testing for some time now.

These brakes are a mineral oil based design with a “Cabotecture” master cylinder/lever perch that is unlike anything else out there. Do they pass muster? Stay tuned to find out soon.

Stumpjumper Carbon Expert EVO: This bike has generated a lot of buzz on the site and with Grannygear and myself. Grannygear has a similar frame with the Stumpjumper SS, (just posted on here), however, the Stumpy EVO has the Chisel rigid fork, and is a 1 X 10 set up, so it is quite a unique bike. You can read the Out Of The Box post again here.

Once again, we’ve been granted some leeway on timing for the test on this bike, so look for a lot more on the Stumpjumper Carbon Expert EVO coming soon.

And Now- Announcing….. The latest rig to land at TNI HQ is a unique rig from Airborne Bikes which we will have on long term testing. This one will be waiting in the wings for nicer weather, so look for the “official” introduction soon, but we thought you might like a look at what is up around the corner.

So, while Winter swings from mild to wild here, you can look forward to these tests/reviews being started up again in the near future. Until then, enjoy what Grannygear and c_g have to offer in the coming days and weeks. As always, thanks for checking in to Twenty Nine Inches.