Michelin Wild Grip’R 29″er Tires: Out Of The Box- by Guitar Ted

Michelin Wild Grip'R 2.25"

Michelin Wild Grip'R 2.25"

Recently I introduced the test/review of these Michelin Wild Grip’R 2.25″ tires, (seen here), and now it is time to take a closer look at these and give you the lowdown on what these tires are meant for.

Design Intentions: First, let’s see what Michelin’s design intentions are for the Wild Grip’R. (From the Michelin website)

The MICHELIN Wild Grip’R 2 is the new multipurpose tire that delivers superior performance on both dry and muddy terrain. On the tire crown, tread blocks have been optimally arranged to provide the best balance between grip, rider output and self-cleaning capability without sacrificing performance in one area for another. On the shoulder, the height and angle of the tread blocks have been enhanced to ensure consistent, efficient cornering.

As stated, we are looking for a grippy, mud clearing, and good cornering tire. The casing of the tire is listed at 2.25″ wide, so a good, if somewhat narrow-ish size for all around trail usage. The casing is listed as tubeless ready, and has 60TPI construction. So, I’ll be checking out the tubeless compatibility closely.

Measurements: The 2.25″ version of these 29″er tires comes in at 740gms each on our scale. That’s not too bad considering the feel of the casing is that of a tire made with some thicker sidewalls than say, an XC tire might have. Besides this, there are the lugs of the tread to consider, which are generously sized and spread across the casing in an even, consistent manner. The side lugs are especially well buttressed, which is where a lot of the weight is hiding in these tires.

I mounted these tubeless to the Shimano Deore XT 29″er wheels, (on test here), and at 25psi, the tires had the following measurements….

-57.77mm casing width. -55.88mm tread width That’s 2.27 inches and 2.20 inches respectively. It’s nice to see out of the gate that these tires do indeed match up with claimed widths without having to inflate them to pressures we’d never ride them at to stretch them out. Also, it is quite apparent that the tires could even be measured wider on a rim with a wider inner rim width than what the Deore XT wheels have. (19mm inner width)

The tires take on a squarish profile looking down on them which is reminiscent of the previously tested Wild Race’R tires we looked at here. I am hoping these Wild Grip’R tires will be at least as good as those tires are. As seen, they are mounted up and ready to ride. I have done some cold weather, snow/ice rides so far, but I will wait until things get cleared up more and I can get a better idea of how these tires are doing before reporting back again. Stay tuned…..

Note Michelin sent over the Wild Grip’R tires for test and review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. We are not being paid, nor bribed for this review,and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.