Stumpjumper Expert Carbon EVO R 29: On Test- by Guitar Ted

When Grannygear went out to visit Specialized last year to see the launch of the 2013 big wheelers, one of the bikes he saw caught his attention, and he was excited to tell me about it. See, Grannygear has paid his dues on rigid forks years ago, and isn’t about to trade in his suspension devices for “a step backward” anytime soon. However; I have no such compunctions about riding rigid forks, which explains why he was excited to tell me about the bike he saw! :)

Evo, Stumpjumper, carbon

Stumpjumper Expert Carbon EVO 29

The bike is the Stumpjumper Expert Carbon Evo 29. Whew! A long name there, so let’s just call this the “Stumpjumper EVO” from here on out. As mentioned, this bike has a rigid fork- a Specialized carbon rigid fork with a tapered steer tube. Corrected for 100mm sagged suspension, the fork is quite an impressive part of the bike. But the “EVO” in the name also means that the bike is optimized for fast paced riding and racing. To that end, weight, (or the lack of it), is important. That means this bike is a 1 X 10 design, and has a component spec which reflects the fast/racer intentions for this design.

I’ll have a complete breakdown of the tech and spec behind the Stumpy EVO in my Out Of The Box post soon.

Note: Specialized sent over the Stumpjumper Expert Carbon EVO 29 for test and review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. We are not being charge nor bribed for this review. We will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.