Michelin Wild Grip’R 29″er Tires: On Test- by Guitar Ted

Recently we received some Michelin Wild Grip’R tires to try out for test/review. Michelin has been re-introducing the “Grip’R series throughout 2012 and this 29″er tire is an addition to the line up and was made available late last year. The 29″er sizes available are 29 X 2.1 and the test model seen below, which is a 29 X 2.25″er.

Michelin Wild Grip'R 29 X 2.25"

Michelin has the following to say about the new wild Grip’Rs- from their website:

On the tire crown, tread blocks have been optimally arranged to provide the best balance between grip, rider output and self-cleaning capability without sacrificing performance in one area for another.

On the shoulder, the height and angle of the tread blocks have been enhanced to ensure consistent, efficient cornering.

I will be getting these mounted to the new Shimano wheels, (test intro here), and then those will be appearing on a new project bike here soon. Next I’ll have an Out Of The Box with all the tech info.

Note: Michelin sent the Wild Grip’R tires for test/review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. We are not being bribed, nor paid for this review, and we will strive to give you our hones thoughts and opinions throughout.