We received the CamelBak “eddy” hydration bottle for test/review recently and we put it on our 2012 Gift List for Christmas this year. (seen here) Since the “eddy” is a lifestyle product, not so much for cycling, I passed it on to my wife, who is active in aerobics and the daily grind of work and raising two children. Here is her take on the “eddy” after using it daily for about 1.5 months now. Enjoy!

CamelBak eddy Quick Review- by Mrs. Guitar Ted

eddy bottleAfter using the new CamelBak eddy, a glass water bottle with silicon glove, (mine was in neon green), I may not go back to a regular water bottle again. Those who hate the taste of their water from the plastic containers will prefer the eddy because the glass never alters the flavor of the water. It actually keeps the water at a cooler temperature than typical plastic. I am not sure why other than because of the thickness of the glass. This thickness also helps prevent breakage. I have accidentally tested this theory by dropping it a few times, rather hard in my house, and one time outside, without a crack or scratch. The silicon glove around the eddy helps with this potential for survival by providing a protective cover to reduce impact. There is a nice handle that allows one to hold it with your finger even while carrying other objects as well. It may even let you get a stronger finger!

I do really like this bottle, the nipple is made of silicon as well but beware of children who thieve your eddy because they may destroy this nipple if bitten down upon too often. Very annoying! :) Overall I enjoy the eddy for work outs and for trips. The only downside is that it is a little heavier, but the taste of water from this water bottle far outshines the weight.


Mrs. Guitar Ted

Note: CamelBak sent over the eddy bottle for test/review at no charge. We were not paid, nor bribed for this review and we strive to give our honest thoughts and views throughout.