Shimano Gear On Test: Wheels, SLX, Hydration Packs- by Guitar Ted

Shimano has sent over a package laden with goods for testing and review here at Twenty Nine Inches. We will be splitting these things up between Grannygear and Guitar Ted for future posts. here’s what’s in the pipeline….

SLX 10 speed DynaSys Components: Grannygear will be taking a closer look at the workhorse, “everyman’s” gruppo from Shimano, SLX DynaSys 10 speed. This group will be seeing widespread spec across many mountain bikes for 2013. Featuring the “Shadow Plus” rear derailleur, which we feel already is a game changer, this will be an interesting look into how Shimano envisions the mountain bike technology it introduced on its flagship XTR group for a more affordable price point. What carries over from the upper end groups? What sort of performance can you expect from SLX? Stay tuned and Grannygear will be letting you all know about these and other things concerning SLX soon.

XT 29″er Wheels: Shimano made a splash several years ago with a wheel set for 29″ers. Then we didn’t hear anything for a bit, but now XT level 29″er wheels are here in Guitar Ted’s hands and we’ll be able to find out if Shimano’s wheel technology works a trick in 2013. Featuring a UST inner rim bed, 15QR front hub, 9mm quick release rear hub, and 19mm inner rim width, the Shimano XT wheels will also be fitted with matching Center Lock rotors in 160mm size front and rear. Stay tuned for an Out Of The Box on these wheels soon.

Hydration Packs: Shimano hydration packs? Yes! Shimano quietly introduced a hydration pack line in 2011 that was not introduced into the North American market, but they have brought them here since then. Grannygear and Guitar Ted will each be putting an example of how Shimano envisions hydration packs through their paces in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for a post on which specific models we received and specs on them coming up soon.

Note: Shimano sent the above described items for test/review to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge. We are not being paid, nor bribed for these reviews and will strive to provide our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.