Magura MTS Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Mid-Term- by Guitar Ted

The testing for the Magura brakes goes on. I last reported my Out Of The Box/First Impressions post here. The brakes have been on my Salsa Cycles Mukluk since the beginning. I have had these in dry, wet, muddy, dusty, and cold conditions so far.

Magura Brakes on the Mukluk

Brake Performance: The feel of the MTS brakes has been consistent since the beginning- Good modulation, decent power. Nothing spectacular there, but rather a workmanlike performance. I did experience some howling after a bit of time passed, which I tracked down to a slightly loose pad retainer bolt. Once I tightened this up, the brakes were quiet again.

I did get into a situation recently where the MTS brakes were subjected to very muddy and wet conditions. The front caliper was in such a position that it captured a lot of the slop falling off of the front tire. This made a terrible grinding, whistling noise for a time until the caliper would clear off and then the situation would repeat itself after another bout with mud. This may be a peculiar condition to my set up, or not. I thought it was noteworthy in case you encounter lots of sloppy conditions on your rides. To be honest, I’d not ever had this happen with the previous brakes despite having been through several similar encounters with mud/sloppy conditions.

Mid-Term Conclusions: So far, the MTS brakes are one of those components that seems to become transparent in my riding of the Mukluk. I do not find them to be remarkable one way or the other, which is perhaps a good thing. Only the very sloppy mud ride gave me any issue with regard to noises after the initial howling noise was tracked down. Wet weather, (without a lot of sloppy mud), doesn’t seem to affect these brakes like some with regard to noises. Power and modulation have never changed and are good for a hydraulic brake. The lack of adjustable pad contact, (the BAT lever), may make these brakes jump up a notch as far as my impressions go, but it isn’t that I am dissatisfied at all. So far I would give the MTS a passing grade.

I’ll keep riding these a bit further into winter then I will render my Final Review.

Note: Magura sent the MTS brake set to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge. We are not being paid, nor bribed for this review and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.