2SOULSCYCLES Quarterhorse 2013 – Update- by c_g

The avid readers may remember how we have had a prototype of the 2SOULSCYCLES Quarterhorse on test (here) … a bike so different and so capable at the time, that it made it into our European Top Ten of the year 2011 (here).

Ever since 2SOULSCYCLES had not been idle, so here is what they sent us recently:

„It has been a long way for the 2Soulscycles Allmountain 29″ Hard tails, Since the prototype Quarterhorse has been reviewed on twentynineinches, this bike has turned into the SlimJim, which is a Quarterhorse with a slightly reduced tire clearance.

Now we have the final 2013 Quarterhorse at hand – freshly from the production and completely bare – for all to see those beautiful welds and the clean construction, down to the complicated bottom bracket section.

The frame does not only fulfill all our required specifications we had from the start, but it also incorporates a our experiences from the Slim Jim and other prototypes and features several improved details.

By employing a Direct-Mount front derailleur there is no exposed cable and no need for a cable stop on the frame.

Unchanged are the well received and progressive geometry – the secret behind the Quarterhorse´s agile and playful handling. It has remained a flexible platform for many uses: the EVO2 slider drop outs allow for single speed, derailleur- or internally geared hub configurations. For a truly undisturbed look you can even have a special version without the front derailleur braze on.

As before optimized for 140mm travel (and EN certified for it), but with a 120 mm fork you still get a great riding rig. Cable routing of the Quarterhorse´13 is layed out specifically for using dropper posts.

If you don´t want to build up your QH from scratch, 2Soulscycles will also offer the Quarterhorse as an attractive rolling chassis with all 29″er specific parts – we may offer complete bikes too upon request. The frame can be had either in the durable ceramic coated or powder coated finish all at the same price. What´s more, each frame is galvanic zinc plated before finishing.

Only one price: 985 Euro – your choice of any RAL colour powder coating or the ceramic coating.

The 2SOULSCYCLES Quarterhorse – a forerunner in 29″er Enduro hard tails and still one of the shortest rear ends, while still compatible to front derailleur and 2.4“ tires.

For further details on the frame and what else is going on at 2SOULSCYCLES (650b and more), go to www.2soulscycles.com. There you soon will be able to purchase the last Slim Jim frames as complete bikes in our Chrsitmas Special.”

Thank you to 2SOULSCYCLES for this Update and for your drive to push the envelope in 29″er hard tails.