Specialized 2013 Tactic Helmet & Enduro Glove- by Grannygear

The all new Tactic has been redesigned for 2013 – Its cutting edge styling and features, including integrated visor, extended rear coverage and Headset SL fit system, make the Tactic the perfect helmet for the All-Mountain rider.
  • Helmet Sizing Chart (PDF)
  • Tri-Fix strap system – makes fitting the helmet simpler and more secure
  • Headset SL fit system with four height positions and micro-adjustable dial is easy to adjust on the fly, even with full-finger gloves
  • 4th Dimension Cooling System to optimize ventilation
  • Full size visor with easy on/off aFIX visor attachment
  • In-molded shell maximizes strength and minimizes weight
  • Extended rear coverage for added protection in technical all-mountain terrain
  • Complies with one or more of the following safety standards for bicycle helmets: CPSC, SNELL B90A, CE and AS/NZS

The revised for 2013 Tactic helmet sits in-between the larger, bulkier Vice and the lighter, sleeker S3 MT helmets and might be called AM light or XC heavy as far as protection goes, or should I say, the amount of coverage you get.  I weighed it as 365g.  I have been under a bright green Tactic since mid year and it has been a good helmet to wear.  I was swapping between a year old Fox Flux to compare it to.  I also have worn the larger Vice and the Tactic absolutely feels smaller and lighter on the head.  The “Green Lantern” green color is dramatic, but it has gotten lots of comments.  You won’t lose track of anyone wearing a green Tactic.

tactic helmettactic helmettactic helmet

All around, it has been good fitting and the visor stays put, etc.  The straps have not intruded and are easy to adjust.  The Headset SL system makes for one handed noggin fitting but that brings up the only real negative I have experienced.  The hard plastic piece that contains the Headset knob can rub against the back of your head and annoy.  If I wear a head wrap like a Buff, I never feel it, but one time I went Buff-less and it bothered me the whole time I was riding.  I looked at other helmets I have and they all have a detent here for the bumpy parts of the rear of the cranium.  I would do the same for the Tactic.

I wore it in hot weather and it seems to be decent but not exceptional as far as air flow.  As the vents get bigger, there is less helmet to protect you so more has to go into the construction to keep it light and strong.  That gets costly, such as an S Works level helmet for instance.  Kind of that light-strong-cheap rule…pick two.

At $75.00 it is a good buy for an all around helmet and unless you need tons of ventilation of are just looking for a pure XC, light helmet, the Tactic is worth wearing.  Did I mention it comes in green?

The Enduro long fingered MTB glove comes in green too.  From the Specialized website:
Serious trail riders demand comfort, mobility and protection from their equipment, and the Enduro glove delivers. The breathable and lightweight full-fi nger design features unique Specialized glove technologies, like the Lifeline palm and touch screen compatibility.
  • Glove Sizing Chart
  • LifeLine palm construction for that second-skin fit
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Laser-cut pattern on wrist are for added breathability
  • Vented Airpreen® knuckles keep fingers cool and protected
  • Non-padded, single-layer Clarino® palm for better bar feel, and durability
  • Stretchable, durable mesh top is soft and breathable
  • Silicone textured fingertips for improved grip on brake levers
  • Soft, absorbent Microwipe™ thumb for brushing away sweat
  • Double layer crash pad protection on heel of palm
  • Full-wrap fingertips offer protection for aggressive riding
  • Wrap-around thumb gusset increases mobility

I wore a set of those all through summer and was pretty happy but not thrilled.  It has a suede backed thumb section for face wiping, some rubber pieces on the finger backs for impact protection, and the palm is embossed with a tacky surface material that so far has not peeled away or torn.  It does improve the grip to the bars.  I had some issues with a seam at the thumb/index finger web area of my hand on certain grips, but not all.  It would annoy at times, but the next bike with different grips, not so.  I would like to see the knuckle/finger guards brought over the main knuckles too, not just the tops of the fingers.

enduro gloveenduro gloveenduro glove

Fit is quite good with nice touches like slits in the glove at the second knuckle joint to allow the glove to curve without binding.  They are not quite as good as the king of glove fit, the Ergon HX2 which wear like an auto driving glove.  Still they conform well and gave me little reason to complain.  MSPR is $40.00.

Note: Specialized provided the helmet and gloves for test and review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. We are not being bribed, nor paid to do this review. We will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.