Specialized 2013 Camber Comp: On Test- by Guitar Ted

Last spring Grannygear got the chance to head out to the mountains of Utah and see what Specialized Bicycles had in store for fans of 29″ers in 2013. One of the bikes that impressed him was the Camber Comp. In the six bike line up of the Camber series the Camber Comp sits below the four offered in carbon fiber. You can read what Grannygear thought about his brief test ride here.

Specialized, Camber Comp,

2013 Specialized Camber Comp in Gloss White and Red

While Grannygear tested the Gloss Black and Lime version we got the Gloss White and Red version in for a long term test. The Camber fits into the type of bike that many riders are looking for: A good, all around, high performance scoot that can handle a long weekend ride with your crew or go race the local 100 miler or endurance race. At 110mm travel front and rear the Camber cuts a line across the XC and Trail segments. It also fits into the realm of bikes I have focused on throughout the year. Bikes in the 100-ish millimeter travel range with a bent towards the Trail side of the equation.

So, I’ll fit some pedals to this rig- :) – and I’ll get to riding this sharp looking scoot. In the meantime, look for an Out Of The Box post where I will detail out this entire rig for you.

Note: Specialized Bikes sent the Camber Comp for test and review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. We are not being bribed, nor paid to do this review. We will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.