Magura MTS Hydraulic Disc Brakes: On Test- Guitar Ted

Recently we had some discussion with Magura regarding the TS8R 120mm suspension fork we have on test with Grannygear and c_g. (Post can be seen here In those conversations we asked about Magura’s new “Carbotecture” brake line up. Magura has broken new ground in hydraulic disc brake technology by making the entire master cylinder/perch/lever out of carbon fiber. The Magura folks thought the review sounded like a good idea, so now we have a set of MTS model brakes to check out.

magura, MTS brakes

Magura's MTS brakes

Here is a bit of info on these brakes supplied to us by Magura:

The new model MTS brakes are a combination of components, (originally made to Specialized specifics), including the MT4 Carbotecture MC body. The MTS also features a light alloy lever blade (without BAT adjustment) and the MT6 one piece caliper with pivoting Banjo. Weight 320 gr.

And from the Magura site:

MTS – Technology
Open hydraulic disc brake system with completely integrated reservoir. EBT technology for superfast and convenient bleeding. Dual piston fixed caliper with automatic pad wear adjustment in a smart DAD (Double Arch Design) for maximum stiffness. Pad wear thickness can be checked without removal of the pads. The master is made out of our innovative Carbotecture® SL with a incredible light and durable aluminium lever blade. Featuring a cool look, distinctively enhanced durability and optimized friction performance for stunning brake power. Available with 203, 180, 160 and 140 mm diameter. Featherlight aluminium 2-finger blade with integrated reach adjust.
Weight | From 320 g/0.61 lbs. onwards incl. 160 mm Storm SL-Rotor.
Colours | Brake lever and caliper in a cool black body with silver specials.
Guarantee | 5-year leakproof warranty after online registration on Designed and manufactured in Germany!

There is loads of info to be checked out on these at the Magura site. (Click here.) Stay tuned for an Out Of The Box/First Impressions post coming soon.

Note: Magura sent the MTS brake set to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge. We are not being paid, nor bribed for this review and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.