Twenty Nine Inches Holiday Shopping List Guide- with suggestions from Grannygear and Guitar Ted

With the Holidays approaching quickly, we here at Twenty Nine Inches are here to send along a few bicycle related ideas for your cycling friends, or for you to add to your list of things wanted. And then again- maybe you’ll just buy your own gifts this year! However that shakes out for you, here are some things we think might make great gift ideas for the Holidays:

CamelBak’s New “eddy™” Bottle:

The "eddy" uses real glass.

CamelBak just introduced a new hydration bottle that might appeal to those on the go that don’t like plastic. It is called the “eddy” and is made of glass with a rubber outer protection that comes in several colors. CamelBak combined the redesigned and re-engineered eddy cap technology with an easy-grip silicone sleeve that shows off the glass, protects the bottle, is simple to remove for cleaning and easy to customize. The glass bottle is constructed from durable glass manufactured in France. The eddy glass has a one piece bite valve, a nice grip for carrying by the top, and a larger drink tube which is easier to clean and improves flow rate.

You can get eddy Glass in four different sleeve colors including Aqua, Purple, and Charcoal besides the green shown here. MSRP is set at $25.00. Look for a Quick Review of this bottle soon here on TNI.

Clif Bar Seasonal Flavors

Clif Bar Seasonal Flavors:

Back for the 10th year, Clif Bar’s Seasonal Flavors are something Clif Bar does every Holiday season in addition to their great tasting line of 16 year round flavors. This year the special flavors are Peppermint Stick, Spiced Pumpkin Pie, and Iced Gingerbread.

Clif Bars’ Seasonal Flavors are all made with 70% organic ingredients and a blend of carbohydrates, protein and fiber for sustained energy. You can pick these up at retailers now for a limited time for a MSRP of $1.39 each. We’ve tried all of these flavors and the winner amongst the TNI Taste Tester Crew was the Peppermint Stick, just for the record. These would make some perfect “stocking stuffers” for that cyclists on your list, or a great snack for you while you are out doing your shopping. :) Hey- shopping is an endurance sport, right?

Twin Six Cycling Clothing:

Looking for some cycling duds but are tired of the same old sponsor logos, weird graphics, or childish designs? Then you might want to check into the world of Twin Six. They have a wide range of jerseys, bib shorts, t-shirts, socks, and more with inspired designs that are at once edgy, yet classy.

Guitar Ted has been a user of Twin Six gear for several years, and swears by the stuff. With a wide range of gear and things like socks, water bottles, and caps, you are bound to find something in your budget. You can find Twin Six gear in finer local bike shops, or order on-line.

Hydration Packs

We are hydration pack nuts and we love choosing juuust the right one for the ride of the day.  But if you have to have only one hydration pack, then something like the (shown left to right) Camelbak M.U.L.E. NV, the Osprey Raptor 10, or the Deuter Compact AIR EXP 10 will meet 90% of the needs of the average mountain biker (note:  these hyperlinks do not link to 2013 versions, only the current 2012 models).  We are currently testing all three of these excellent packs in the 2013 models and all of them are well made, well though out, and very versatile.  Check around for costs and such, but expect something in the $120.00 range.

Got Tools?  

A good multi tool is worth its weight in gold.  The same goes for a tire pump.  While Quick Fills may be all the rage in the weight weenie or racer set, trail riders often need to be able to air up multiple times and nothing does that like a good pump.  As well, having a couple of different multi tools is nice and handy.  We like having a smaller ‘essentials’ multi tool and a more deluxe one…chain breaker, crank arm bolt, etc…for expedition outings.

Grannygear has been using and absolutely loving a Lezyne Mini Drive HV for about two years now.  Killer little pump, it pushes out some air, is light, rebuildable, and beautiful to look at.  It is not small, but worth having along.  $44.99 to $59.99 with or without an inline pressure gauge.

lezyne mini drive hv

Lezyne also makes a very diverse line of multi tools, from $99.00 carbon fiber wunder-tools to more pedestrian ones beginning at $15.00.  They even have ones with built in but removable LED lights on them.  Very clever.  Lezyne makes good stuff…We don’t think they know plastic exists.  They have such a full line that we cannot even do it justice so we picked two below as examples.  We’re betting someone would love to have a Lezyne multi tool in their stocking Christmas morning.

SV-10...just above a basic multi tool - $45.99 in stainless with a chain breaker.

CRV-12...a bigger tool for bigger days in a less costly but durable material - $29.99

For Head And Feet:

If our feet and head are warm and happy, we are happy.  Helping us keep that happening through the riding season are two solid products:  Buff head wraps and Swiftwick socks.  Buff makes a large selection of head wraps and headbands in several materials, including wool.  Grannygear has two UV Buffs in his gear bag at all times and adds a wool one when that season comes around.  The UV ones keep the sun off his ears and the wool Buff is a good compromise if you are in damp and cool but not really cold weather (and they have warmer fleece ones as well), but they have such a wide array of Buffs, that one version or another will keep your head and neck happy.  The regular UV Buffs are the best combo of a sweatband and head/ear covering Grannygear has ever used.  He says, “I think I have ridden ONCE without a Buff since I got my first one a couple of years ago.  It sucked.”  Get a Buff.  Get two. You won’t be sorry.  Prices begin around $12.00 and go up depending on materials and such.

Just a few of the patterns/colors in just one type of Buff....oh my.

Swiftwick socks, especially the Merino wool, are the best mountain biking socks we have used.  They are a great three season sock for the west coasters out there, and Grannygear says he only leaves them in the gear bag when it is well into the 90s temps wise.  They are durable too, do not easily pick up stinky feet odors, and retain their insulating abilities when wet.  We are just now wearing ours out after two full seasons of wear.  That is not bad at all.  We plan on putting some new socks on our wish lists this year.  Grannygear prefers the #4 size as it covers well and he is a rough and ready mountain biker, not a fashionista roadie, but the #1 size is a more typical cycling sock length.  Expect to pay $15.00 to $17.00 or so a pair.

The Number Four, a sheep, and the Number One. Two of the three shown here fit your feet. One does not. Choose wisely.