Chris King Announces Limited Purple Anodized Component Run- by Guitar Ted

Anodized mountain bike components in various colors have been around since the dawn of the modern mountain bike. (Anyone remember Ukai rims? :) ) But the height of the anodized craze was probably the mid-90’s when you could get components from a wide range of manufacturers in a myriad of colors. Probably the most memorable of those 90’s hues was “ultra-violet purple”.

Like all things fashion oriented, anodized components went the way of grunge music and a time of “black anodized only” “dark ages” descended upon the mountain biking populace. Well, that is unless you rode with Chris King Precision Components. They have famously kept waving their magic anodizing wand over head sets, hubs, and now bottom brackets for all those “dark years”. Now Chris King is bringing back a much asked for hue- Purple.

Get purple for a limited time only

Booking Orders: November 1st – December 10th 2012- Order Delivery: January through February 2013

The following components will be available in a “moody” dark purple anodization for a limited run time only as outlined above. Contact your local bike shop for ordering. Orders must be placed by December 10th, 2012.

– No Threadsets 1” & 1-1/8” Bold and Sotto Voce
– InSet 2, InSet 3, InSet 7
– 1” GripNut in Bold
– Headset Spacer Kits 1-1/8
– Road and Mountain in both SRAM and Shimano*
– 58mm
– 28H Front and Rear. Available in both Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo*
– 32H Low Flange Front and Rear
– 32H Front QR, QR15, and 20mm Thru Axle
– 32H Rear 135mm, 142mm or Single Speed
– 36H Front and Rear High Flange
Note: Information and images used in this post provided for by Chris King.