On One Smorgasbord 2.25″ Tires: Final Review- by Guitar Ted

I’ve been running the On One Smorgasbord 2.25″er tires for nearly three months now, and it is time to give you a Final Review on these treads for 29 inch wheeled bikes from the U.K.’s own On One brand. My last update was here, way back in July! Since that time I have had similar conditions all summer- dry, very hard packed, and some loose over hard pack. I was awaiting some rain to finally see if these tires would shed mud like a good U.K. tire should.

On One Smorgasbord

Smorgasbord- For a veritable terrain buffet?

Well, we did finally get that much needed rain around here, and I sprang into action getting these tires out in the softer grounds and mud where I could beat the thirsty ground to the moisture. :) So, what did I find? I will preface this, (as I always do when speaking of mud here), with a reminder that the mud here is really sticky stuff. Not many tires can handle what the terrain dishes out here with regard to mud. Not only that, but sandy patches in between will often just exacerbate the issue by clogging the tread even further.

The Smorgasbord actually did pretty well. It would pack in, but the widely spaced knobs, along with their height, would shed the dirt about as fast as it stuck on to the tire. This allowed for a modicum of control, which is far better than most tires I’ve tried, (that were not mud specific tires), so I am impressed. Of course, the Smorgasbord grabbed tackier, loose dirt and grabbed it well, so as far as softer conditions are concerned, this tire shines through well.

Conclusions: The Smorgasbord hits on most all cylinders and the performance is high for most situations. On One stated that the tire’s main mission is “grip”, and I would say they have succeeded in that mission. This tire was hard for me to trip up and I never felt let down by the grip this tire exhibits on anything dry, loose, and hard to muddy, wet, and soft. But that isn’t all I liked about these tires. They hold pressure tubeless perhaps better than anything else I’ve tried. They measure what the hot patch says out of the box. Plus, they seem to be wearing well, as I am not noticing any accelerated wear issues with this tire at all.

If there is anything to say negative here, it would be in terms of rolling resistance, which this tire is a bit on the negative side here, but considering that the grip is so good, I think the trade off is well worth it. Then there is the weight. At 860-870 grams for my test samples here, they won’t win any hearts over with their mass. However; if you are not a racer, or if you just need an excellent trail tire for a wide range of conditions, look no further than the On One Smorgasbord. It will give you a lot of grip, and should be a pretty stout tire on most Trail/AM 29″ers.

Note: These On One tires were purchased by Guitar Ted for testing and review. I am not being paid, nor bribed for this review and will strive to give my honest thoughts and opinions throughout.