Geax Gato 29″ X 2.1″ Tires And Saguaro White Walls- by Guitar Ted

Recently we visited our contact at Geax at Interbike and found a couple of things of note that we thought we’d pass along here. First off is the new version of the Gato, a tire both c_g and I have tested and liked quite well. (See c_g’s write up here, and you can find my write up here.) Now with the narrower casing, the Gato is going to have a lighter weight, but still will feature that aggressive, open tread pattern.

Geax, Gato

Geax Gato 2.1" Folders

The Gato is one of Geax’s tires that crosses the XC category and goes into the Trail/All Mountain category- in other words, an “all arounder” tire. Here is what Geax’s site says about this shoe:

The Gato was designed for maximum grip and control in wet and loose conditions. An aggressive tread with tall, widely spaced, siped knobs ensures excellent shedding characteristics and increased traction when the elements make the trail challenging. Reinforcements at the base of the central ridge reduce rolling resistance while similar reinforcements on the side knobs ensures knob stiffness and penetration when cornering. Since prototype phases, the Gato has made a name for itself with world cup stage wins, consumer satisfaction, and glowing press reviews.

In the 2.1″ size, the Gato is available as a TNT version (tubeless ready), or as the folder, (test sample), and is a claimed 550 gms. The samples we got are 610 and 620 grams respectively. These will be getting mounted up soon and a follow up post with First Impressions will follow.

Saguaro, Geax, whitewall tires,


Geax also sent over the venerable Saguaro in a 2″ width but with a twist- they have whitewalls! These are a wire bead tire and weigh about 860gms each. The Saguaro pattern is rendered across a bit narrower casing here, but is otherwise the same as you may know it. Although they are not rated as tubeless tires, I have them set up this way and they are holding air with sealant quite nicely. (Of course, doing this voids all warranties and all risk is assumed by the rider if you do this.)

We’ll be bombing around on these for a bit and give you some impressions later.

NOTE: Geax sent these tires to Twenty Nine Inches for test/review at no charge. We are not being bribed, nor paid for these posts, and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.