Out Of The Box: Magura TS8R 120mm 29″er Fork- by Grannygear

magura 2013 TS8Rc_g and I are tag teaming a bit on this fork so some of this may have already been covered, but we have different forks. Since the madness of show time with EU-Bike and I-Bike landing on the pages of TNI.com, we have here now some updates from the US side of life with the newest suspension fork from the Magura folks.

First off, I have the 2013 Magura TS8R with a 120mm setting, 15mm through axle, tapered steerer, and DLO2 damper system.  To cut a bit of copy from the Magura website, here is some spec on the fork(s) and options as well:

TS8 R 120/100/80 29″ – TECHNOLOGY

Technical features | Unique Dynamic Lockout² system (DLO²) with more progressive spring rate offering better ground control than conventional lockout systems, including RCL² Remote Control. Alternatively also available with Albert Select + platform damping. Alternatively also with Lift Select travel management system. Superstiff 32 mm upper legs. Cold forged Aluminium 6082 T6 fork crown with integrated cablestops. All adjuster knobs made of high quality aluminium. Bolted hose guide for judder-free brake hose fitting. Protection Caps on DAD lower leg with MAGURA M15 thru-axle.

Adjustment possibilities | Dynamic Lockout² (DLO²) or Albert Select +, rebound, preload (air pressure).

Travel, weight | 120 mm: 1,715 g/3.78 lbs; 100 mm: 1,655 g/3.65 lbs; 80 mm: 1,655 g/3.65 lbs.

Disc mounts | PM7″ (thru-axle lower leg).

Dropouts | MAGURA M15 thru-axle.

Versions, colours | Disc only; white

Axle to crown length in mm | 530 mm (TS8 R 120 29 “) / 510 mm (TS8 R 100 29″) / 490 mm (TS8 R 80 29″)

Other | Approved for disc brake use up to 210 mm/8.5″.


Weight: 120 mm: 1,715 g/3.78 lbs; 100 mm: 1,655 g/3.65 lbs; 80 mm: 1,655 g/3.65 lbs

Colour: Lower leg and Fork bridge: White

Technical principle: Telescope system with DAD

Damping technology: DLO² (optional Albert Select+)

Spring: Air

Travel (mm/inches): 120/4.7; 100/4; 80/3.1

Adjustment possibilities: DLO² (optional Albert Select+) on/off (optional with remote RCL²) Albert Select+plattform resistance Rebound Preload (air pressure)

Adjustment knobs made of high quality aluminium: Yes

RCL (Remote control) standard equipment: No

Brake installation options/Disc brake mounts: Disc Only PM 7″ with thru-axle

Dropouts (mm/mm): 15 mm thru-axle MAGURA M15

Steerer tube diameter (inches): 1 1/8″ or tapered steerer 1 1/8″-1.5″ or 1.5″

Stanchion diameter (mm): 32

Maximum tyre width (inches): 29″x 2,8″

Axle to crown length (mm): 530 mm (TS8 R 120 29″) / 510 mm (TS8 R 100 29″) / 490 mm (TS8 R 80 29″)

Approved for disc brakes up to (mm/inches): 210

Integr. disc brake hose guide on lower leg: Yes

I mounted this onto the long term test 2012 Specialized Camber Expert, replacing the stock Fox 110mm fork.  The axle to crown height on the Fox is 510mm by my measurements and the 120mm Magura is 530mm by the specs on the website (I did not measure it) and that makes sense as Fox tends to build with a low axle to crown spec.  To get the handlebar height back to what I wanted, I flipped the 90mm/6* Syncros stem and that put me just below seat height.  This is the second time I have run a 120mm fork on the 110mm/110mm Front/Rear travel Camber and I like it better that way.  It does tip a bit toward “trail-bikeishness” but that is fine.

I weighed the already cut steerer  (9.5″/235mm) demo fork with star nut and axle but no quick relaese removal tool and I saw 3lbs 13oz/1,729g on the government approved and recently calibrated fish scale of justice.  That is pretty close to the claimed 1,715g number from Magura.

It is a good looking fork and has that distinctive double arch.  There are other things that are kind of different too, notably the way the M15 thru-axle fixes to the fork. There is no handle, per se, just a T25 Torx head at the end of the 15mm ‘bolt’.  To tighten or loosen the M15 thru-axle, you need to have either a T25 equipped multitool (or a T25 wrench/socket, etc) or you can use the built in T25 tool that stows into the casting on the left side of the fork.  The axle has a taper much like the Syntace system so it locks the axle in place preventing random loosening during riding conditions.

On the bottom of the fork legs are two little rubber buttons so that when you have the front wheel removed and you rest the fork on the ground, bike upright, the dangly bits of the fork controls and/or the casting of the lowers is not hitting the ground.  Nice touch.

There is a typical rebound knob under the right side fork leg and a compression knob for the DLO2 on the top of the right side fork leg.  I used a Magura adapter to run the 203mm front rotor on the stock Formula brakes as the TS8R is rated up to a 210mm rotor.  Nice as well…a proper front rotor size for a trail bike in my opinion.  Arch clearance (both of them) looks good with the 2.3 Specialized Purgatory (not a really big tire) and the rest was pretty much straight forward.

magura 2013 TS8Rmagura 2013 TS8Rmagura 2013 TS8R

Out on the trail the TS8R felt very supple right off but I could tell I needed to tune it a bit to get it right.  I understand that this fork is very sensitive to air pressure level, so this may take a bit of trial and error.  We will report back with a follow up trail-side on the 2013 Magura TS8R 120mm 29″er fork, so stay around, will ya?

Note: Magura sent the TS8R fork for test and review at no charge. We are not being bribed, nor paid for this review. We will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.