BMC To Have Greater North American Presence- by Guitar Ted and Grannygear

The invitation came several days before Interbike: “Come join BMC at Trump Tower..” Hmm….as I recall, that is an upscale hotel from where we generally stay, (the cheap seats for us!), and although we were concerned about a dress code, it seems the worries were unfounded. No such thing at the BMC soiree’, so we hiked over to the posh Trump Tower and zoomed up to the 64th floor to see what was on tap.

64 stories high...

BMC, (which stands for “Bicycle Manufacturing Company”, by the way), is maybe best known here in the States as a road bike company due to its past relationship with Team Phonak and currently with past Tour de France winner and World Champion Cadel Evans, not to mention the most recent World Champion road bike Pro, Phillipe Gilbert, who races for Team BMC. However; BMC started out as a mountain bike company, which, when you stop to think of it, makes sense, since the company is based in Switzerland and the Alps are right in their back yard.

BMC already has made an impression with us here at Twenty Nine Inches with models reviewed by c_g and Grannygear. (For examples see here, here , and here. ) Additionally, BMC has made an impression with other journalists and riders both here in North America, and in Europe.

While BMC already has a North American presence, they are setting the table to have an even greater impact on North America. In fact, many of you readers might be surprised to know that the BMC Group also includes Bergamont Bikes, which we have reviewed through our association with c_g. (Examples seen here,and here) Bergamont is a brand with a full range of bike styles and in all price points, unlike BMC, which is focused on the high end of the market, for the most part.

Bergamont Bikes, as shown at Interbike 2012

Let’s not forget the other BMC Group brand, the electric bike company called Stromer, which is also coming along with Bergamont to be sold in North America. But for now we will likely be seeing a greater impact by BMC and now with Bergamont here in the USA with regard to 29″ers.

27.5″ers?: We asked a BMC product engineer about 27.5″ bikes and whether we should expect BMC to be introducing any of these to North America. The answer was somewhat of a surprise to us, as it represented something of a dissenting opinion amongst the majority of companies we spoke with at Interbike. The answer was that after extensively testing the wheel size, BMC engineers felt there was too little a difference from 26″ers to 27.5″ers to make it a worthwhile product in the BMC line up. They were committed to 29″ers, and said that the differences in this wheel size, to them, make it worth pursuing new designs for. Of course, their longer travel bikes remain 26 inch wheeled bikes.

Note that c_g should have more on Bergamont coming in the next weeks. We’ll also be keeping tabs on BMC and Bergamont as the brands continue to push into the North American market. Twenty Nine Inches would like to thank BMC for the invitation to the kickoff and we wish them all the best on their new endeavors.

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